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Woman would rather give up this marriage than spend 150 million dong

I am the author of the article: “The wife is selfish towards her husband’s family”. After two months of thought, I decided to end this marriage.

Once when I met, I asked my wife to go back to her in-laws so that she and I could take proper care of her.

At that time, my wife asked me to promise three things: First, where the woman is going, what to do, to visit her biological parents, they only have to inform them without asking permission and with my parents’ permission. Second, the woman asks everyone in the house to do the chores and not to force them into service. Third, everything big and small in the woman’s home has the right to have an opinion. My parents and I didn’t accept these things, so my wife announced that she would not be returning to be a bride for a day. So my family warned me about it. However, I was dazzled by her beauty and independent personality and rushed in anyway.

After getting married, I always felt that there is a separation between the small family and the big family. She thinks that because my parents have no merit in raising her or helping her, the responsibility for filial reverence is entirely mine, she is only responsible for being filial to her birth parents. When my mother was in the hospital, the sisters-in-law all took care of her and cleaned her, stayed overnight to take care of her and she just stopped by to ask and give some food. Because of this, I was criticized by my family for not knowing how to teach my wife so that my wife would be rude to my mother. Renting their own house, my family in the country wanted to stay for a few weeks, they didn’t agree either, people said my husband and I had money but unwillingly didn’t want to help anyone.

>> I intend to divorce my selfish wife

Recently, when my brother was building a house, he needed to borrow some money. The brothers and sisters in the family all invested some, although they said it was a loan, everyone gave it to him by default, I also had to contribute 150 million dong. I don’t have enough money, he said condescendingly to my wife, she shook her head and said she is not responsible to help her brother, if necessary I could borrow her. That’s the last straw, I yelled at my wife, she didn’t fit, insisted on arguing. I saw messages from her and her best friend from a few years ago, she was complaining that my family has an old fashioned lifestyle and likes to bully my daughter in law when in reality she has never spent a penny on her husband’s family .

I left my parents’ house to wait for the divorce proceedings. She said she was ready to raise her child on her own without my support. While I agree with her decision, I do not have visitation rights to the child, as if mother and daughter had broken ties with the paternal home. I still love my kids so I don’t agree with that. So far everything in our house has been halved, including our savings, so there’s no fighting over wealth. I was often shocked because I felt so cheap in my wife’s eyes. I am willing to pay a few tens of millions of dongs to buy branded goods, take my parents on a trip, but I can throw away this marriage for 150 million dongs.

I regret ignoring my family’s advice to marry a selfish woman. My advice to guys about to get married: If this girl doesn’t agree to live with her husband’s family, no matter how good or beautiful she is, stop. A woman who does not want to integrate into a large family will not be able to make your life happy.


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