Why did Khoa Pug suddenly announce his retirement?

Only the owner knows the real answer, but that doesn’t detract from the enthusiastic discussion among Internet users.

# Khoa Pug suddenly announced that “retirement” is the keyword that is causing a stir at MXH. In the latest video that was just posted, the male YouTuber said:

“Now I will announce good or sad news, Faculty of Pug for the last 5 years have been with you, thank you very much. Every night waiting for Khoa Pug to post a review video about traveling to this country and waiting to eat this and that.

I also promised you before that I would go through Europe and then go to Iran, but I will end this journey here.”

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Khoa Pug suddenly said goodbye after 5 years of work on YouTube

Khoa Pug himself couldn’t hide the sadness on his face as he made the announcement to fans.

However, the guy has revealed absolutely nothing about the reason for the unexpected decision. This made netizens extremely curious, they even had to open discussions immediately, always coming up with the most reasonable hypotheses.

Some people remember Khoa Pug and ‘new friends’ Johnny Dang The male YouTuber, who still plays together, once half-jokingly said that if the virtual currency he bought was up to $10 million, the first thing he would do would be… delete the YouTube channel.

“If you’re missed on YouTube one fine day, you’ll know you’re gone when you hug $10 million.”said Khoa Pug.

Why did Khoa Pug suddenly announce his retirement?-2
When we were together, Khoa Pug used to say, half joke and half truth, that if the virtual currency he bought from Johnny Dang went to $10 million, he would delete the YouTube channel.

So when Khoa Pug’s farewell video surfaced, it was immediately speculated that the guy had “got the big trick”. Of course, this is not the only hypothesis that has emerged.

Why do you think Khoa Pug “retired”?

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