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Why did Google remove 1.2 million apps?-Information technology

Saturday, April 30, 2022 06:00 (GMT+7)

(CNN) – According to Google, 1.2 million apps that violated company policies were removed last year.

Statistics on the level of security in 2021, the Google company said it had blocked about 190,000 accounts of malicious application developers on the Play Store, according to technology news site Neowin. That’s a lot more than 119,000 in 2020.

In addition, 1.2 million apps that violated Google’s policies were removed last year. According to Google, this means they have prevented billions of installations that could potentially harm users.

“More than 500,000 inactive and abandoned developer accounts have also been closed,” the Google representative added.

Why did Google remove 1.2 million apps?  - First

Hundreds of thousands of malicious developer accounts have disappeared from the Play Store in 2021. Photo: Reuters

Google also talks about recent efforts to make the Play Store a safer place for users.

For example, the company introduced data security features in the Play Store and a central application policy management interface for developers. At the same time, Google is working to make its Software Development Kit (SDK) more secure for billions of users.

The company notes that 98% of apps are moving to Android 11 restricted access to sensitive application programming interfaces (APIs).

“We’re also committed to continuing to make Android a great place for families. Last year, we disallowed the collection of advertising IDs and other device identifiers from all users in our stores. The app is only aimed at children and gives all users the option to completely remove the advertising ID independently of the app.

Finally, Google offers Pixel phone users a security hub to get an overview and recommendations on the security status of the device.

“Pixel phone hardware uses new machine learning models that leverage federated analytics to detect and rule out malicious apps,” Google said in a statement.

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