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When she hid her fiancé for a prenatal exam and saw the results, heaven and earth fell apart

Devotion to the heart – The head office “listens and answers” on the subject of women. Here women have a place where they can vent not only about love – marriage, but also about dreams and ambitions; express opinions and questions in all areas of life; even tell your life story… With the form of two-way sharing, you send your heart to the attendant – the attendant sends you an illustration of that entrusted image, hoping that this is where the message is sent. sister’s ideas. Right now pour out your heart via email:

Hello Ms. Huong Duong,

Luan and I have been together for 3 years now. We lived together as husband and wife in an apartment that was acquired from the joint contributions of both. This summer we will organize a wedding to validate the relationship.

I hid myself last week fiancee, go to the maternity hospital alone. Because I kept wondering, I “fired” a whole year and still didn’t get pregnant. Luan asked about the pregnancy, I lied and still planned to wear a beautiful wedding dress. My fiancé is very fond of children and often discusses birth plans after the wedding.

Holding the results in my hands, heaven and earth seemed to collapse unexpectedly at my feet. I have blocked fallopian tubes unable to have children OK. I was stunned and in pain. I don’t know if I should tell Luan about it. Will he accept a barren woman? Or do I hide it and find a cure to keep my happiness? (hongyen…

When she hid her fiancé for a prenatal exam and saw the results, heaven and earth collapsed at my feet - photo 2.


Huong Duong is very compassionate and wants to share your sorrow. As a woman, everyone wants to be a mother. It’s like an instinct, a sacred feeling that deserves respect.

Knowing that you are confused, in pain and afraid of losing your happiness shouldn’t hide this from your fiancé either. Prepare yourself mentally to face the problem and find a way to solve it. Running away is not the way.

Maybe he’s just as shocked as you are. But if he really loves you, he will accompany you in the healing process. Go to specialized hospitals in pairs, listen and follow the doctor’s orders and treatments. Believe that happiness will surely come if you both agree, love and share.

You also need to be mentally prepared for the worst possible scenario. If he leaves you when you’re struggling the most, it shows that his love for you isn’t big enough or genuine enough. At this time, you also do not have to regret unworthy love.

Finally, relax your mind, be strong to overcome everything. Don’t be afraid to lose – but push yourself into bad experiences in the future, lose your good nature.


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