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Visiting my ex-mother-in-law, looking at my ex-husband’s photo on the altar is still red and I’m in pain

My ex husband and I lived together for 2 years before we divorced. At that time, my ex-husband made a big mistake that I couldn’t forgive. ex-mother-in-law crying, begging me to think again, don’t let the mistakes of adults affect children, but I don’t accept it. I’d rather be a single mom raising a young adult daughter than live with a husband like that.

After 8 years I no longer go to my ex-husband’s house. On Sunday I went to work and was able to visit my ex-sister-in-law’s parents. In any case, my grandparents used to live very well with me.

When I arrived at the house, my ex-sister-in-law’s parents were cleaning the garden in front of the gate. When they saw me, they were stunned and overjoyed. My ex-mother-in-law kept holding my hand and stroking my face.

I followed her into the house. What unexpectedly caught my eye was a picture of my ex-husband’s adoration on the altar, still red with incense. I stood there frozen and couldn’t believe it.

When I visited my ex-mother-in-law, looked at the photo of my ex-husband on the altar, I still fell down in pain - photo 1.


Ex-mother-in-law choked and wiped tears. She said the word after divorce I, my ex-husband, don’t love anyone anymore but do business to make money to compensate people. For 8 years he paid off all his debts and saved some money for my mom and me. He intends to wait until he has enough money to fix the house and then comes to me and begs me to get back together because he still loves me.

But then he did not have time to fulfill his wish accident, lost on the spot. When I was buried, my in-laws tried to reach me, but I changed my phone number so they couldn’t break the news to me.

Then my ex-mother-in-law gave me a small cloth wrapped with gold rings. Maybe my ex-husband saves like this every month. I opened it and saw a small piece of paper that said: “Of Wife and Children” left as a self-reminder of the ex-husband, which is painful.

I’ve been crying ever since. I love my ex-husband and I blame myself. If only I had suffered with him back then, maybe he wouldn’t have driven so unfairly. My daughter hasn’t even seen her father for the last time. The ex-husband’s parents live alone in the country. Should I bring my grandparents over instead of my ex-husband to show them respect?

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