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Unlocking the secret of Gen Z success with inspiration from Heineken

Every day, up to 25 million bottles of Heineken are opened around the world, preserving the characteristic premium beer taste and uplifting emotions for users. To win the hearts of millions of beer lovers across five continents, the Heineken family owns unique secrets that have been developed and nurtured over the past 150 years. Behind it are successful ideas for Generation Z, on their career path or in daily life, to have the “first class” experience.

Unlocking the secret of Gen Z's success with inspiration from Heineken - Photo 1.

Thanks to the secrets of success, Heineken still keeps the top flavor to be enjoyed in 2022 with Gen Z

As well as “unveiling” secrets from the king of the beer industry, Heineken is working hard to “unwrap” a series of unprecedented, one-of-a-kind experiences dedicated to Generation Z in the near future that promise to captivate the connoisseurs. Beer in an unexpected summit “experience universe”. Discover the Heineken secret now and find out which one you make the most of!

Secret 1: Aim to the end to find the best “Personality”!

Few people know that 150 years ago, Heineken had a bold “move” that led to success. At the end of the 19th century, Heineken discovered a unique brewing yeast called yeast A. In order for yeast A to develop its full effect, owner Gerald Heineken did not hesitate to go against tradition: brewing beer. in a horizontal tank to create optimal pressure for yeast A to reach the perfect threshold instead of using a vertical tank.

Unraveling Gen Z's secret to success with inspiration from Heineken - Photo 2.

Heineken A-Yeast brewer’s yeast – one of the most important secrets for the ultimate taste of Heineken beer

The beer batches brewed with A yeast have a rich, delicate taste and create the perfect balance. Since then, yeast A has been the key to the ultimate beer taste and guarantees a constant taste for every Heineken beer to this day.

Generation Z’s journey of discovering the “personality” learned from the exclusive “combination” of Yeast A and the horizontal tank brewing method has been upgraded, unleashing a series of premium experiences and sublimations in life. . The moment they find their unique formula, Gen Z can fully immerse themselves and gradually create their own unique peak success forever.

Secret 2: Pursue your own “quality” and success will follow

Finding your own way is difficult, it is admirable to persistently pursue the standards that have been the core values ​​for 150 years! From the beginning, Heineken has never changed its original secrets: using only pure barley, 100% natural ingredients, premium A yeast combined with a unique horizontal tank brewing process. second. And only experienced brewers can keep the essence and spirit of Heineken at every stage of beer production.

The 150-year history of “before and after is the same” with core values ​​gives Gen Z much food for thought. Gen Z is a generation that dares to think big, dream big and dares to break through in a different way. On a highly personal journey that transcends conventional stereotypes, there will inevitably be “getting Zn” moments, but persistence in pursuing core values ​​will be the guideline that will lead Gen Z to success.

Unraveling Gen Z's secret to success with inspiration from Heineken - Photo 3.

Regarding Heineken, it is essential for the top experiences to discover next May and June. One of the most anticipated highlights is the collections that will bring Gen Z to a halt of extremely “rejected” names and a slew of first-time experiences in Vietnam!

As the most popular international premium beer brand in Vietnam, Heineken® always strives to bring positive values ​​to the environment and society.

Heineken® is committed to working with Vietnamese consumers for a sustainable future. To achieve this, Heineken® always strives to minimize the impact on the environment with the message “Greener every day” – 100% of Heineken® cans are recyclable, 100% of Heineken® bottles are reused. and 100% reusable Heineken® beer kegs. Any “green” packaging that began as a mere act of recycling in the production process has become an icon that inspires consumers – to hold hands to create a greener world – where they meet and enjoy every moment of Enjoy life to the fullest.

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