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The risk of a collapse in the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine on April 29 warned that peace talks with Russia at risk of breaking Moscow Focus on moving forward in the region Donbass.

The risk of failure of the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine - Photo 1

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses Russian and Ukrainian negotiators before their face-to-face talks in Istanbul, Turkey March 29


According to Reuters, the meetings peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia is in danger of collapsing.

Address to Polish journalists on April 29 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed pessimism about the prospect of continuing negotiations with Russia. President Zelenskyi also said that Ukrainians are angry with Russia’s actions.

“The risk that the negotiations will have to end is very high because the Russians have given the Ukrainian population the impression that Moscow has an assassination plan,” Zelenskyi told Polish journalists.

On the same day, April 29th Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also blamed Ukraine for deadlocked negotiations.

“We have problems because of their inconsistency, because they always want to play pranks, and I think because Washington, London and the West have issued instructions telling them not to rush the negotiation process,” Mr Lavrov answered a question from Al Arabiya Radio.

The Russian foreign minister also said that Ukraine will receive security guarantees from the United Nations Security Council if it is “honest” in the negotiations.

In an interview with the Xinhua News Agency published on April 30, Lavrov said Russia supports deeper negotiations with Ukraine. However, these efforts are hampered by Western agitation.

The Russian foreign minister also said Western nations had incited Kyiv to “fight to the last Ukrainian” by sending arms and obstructing negotiations.

“I believe that agreements can only be reached when Kyiv starts acting in the interests of the Ukrainian people and not in the interests of ‘distant advisers,'” Lavrov added.

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Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Russian and Ukrainian delegations continue to hold daily negotiations via video calls and that the lifting of sanctions against Russia is part of this process. Lavrov stated that an agreement in Ukraine would significantly help de-escalate tensions not only in Europe but around the world. World.

The last time the delegation of Russia and Ukraine The personal dialogue will take place on March 29th. Tensions ran high after Ukraine accused Russian troops of killing civilians while retreating from areas around Kyiv. Moscow denies these allegations, accusing Ukraine of staging the scene to derail peace talks and prompt the West to impose more sanctions on Moscow.

Both the US and Britain have expressed support for Ukraine in the negotiations but said it was important to continue arming Kyiv.

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