The newlyweds strive to carry 40 golden trees at the wedding

This picture of the newlyweds is currently causing a sensation and admiration on social networks.

Not so long ago, images of a couple who had to “fight” to wear a lot of gold rings and gold rings began to be widely shared on social networks.

Even, bride Also “not strong enough” because he wears too many gold bracelets, the groom has to help his wife wear dozens of them.

The couple

After causing fevers online, people expressed their admiration and some “envy” of the happy couple. Many people believe that the family background behind this gold and silver canvas is not average.

It is known that the above wedding took place in Phu Lac Hamlet, Thanh Phu Township, Binh Long City, Binh Phuoc Province. The main character in wedding are the bride Ho Hoe (26 years old) and the groom Tan Tai (37 years old).

Keep sharing soha, the bride revealed that the total amount of gold the couple received on the day was estimated at around 40 trees. Half of the gold was donated by the mother’s family, the other half by the husband’s family and friends. In addition to the dowry gold, the couple were also allowed to buy land from their mother’s family and give them a red book so they could live apart after marriage.

The couple

The couple
The newlyweds received 40 golden trees along with red books and lots wedding

The bride’s family runs a farm, grows cashews, rubber… Hoe’s husband works in real estate.

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