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The MV filming Son Tung M-TP’s suicide scene is immoral and must be removed immediately

On the evening of April 28, Son Tung M-TP’s English song “There’s No One At All” was discussed by the online community on social media. Many people took the time to watch out of curiosity, and everyone got goosebumps and then had to say it was an “immoral” MV.

The MV Filming Son Tung M-TP's Suicide Scene Is Immoral and Must Be Removed Immediately - 1

Scenes in Son Tung’s new MV.

After 21 hours from the launch, this singer’s MV has attracted nearly 7 million views on the Youtube platform alone and received a fierce response from the audience.

Sharing opinions on social networks, editor Hoai Anh (Vietnam Television Station), bluntly: “The MV is full of negative messages and suggestions for extravagant actions, discontent and social unrest. Perhaps the ideas are so exhausted now that in order to have a new one, people will want a new one. As we all try every day to stop young people’s negative and confusing thoughts… Also the MV can be lonely desperation but the light that shines in the final seconds. Life never runs out of things to love.”.

Singer Thai Thuy Linh also voiced that instead of waiting for authorities to deal with it, Son Tung M-TP will remove his new MV before there are unfortunate consequences.

Meanwhile, journalist Hoang Anh Tu shared on his personal page: “Everything is perfect with Tung, the MV immediately climbed into the top 1, hundreds of cheers and congratulations. But maybe Tung isn’t a parent yet, Tung doesn’t know that many parents will be shocked and scared when their children see it. This MV, especially when the constant suicide jumps have taken place, still makes the parents and mothers shocked.

Another “impulse” from the idol “Each of us only lives once, instead of hesitating, let’s be determined”. This morning many parents were scared in all the newspapers.

If Tung knew, it would be difficult for kids to differentiate between movies and real life. If Tung knew, suicide is very contagious. If Tung knows that kids aren’t fully aware of this, even most Korean movies have a familiar phrase at the beginning of the movie: The story in the movie is just a fiction. Any product released to the public must always be labeled with an age limit.

I think it’s because Tung forgot or didn’t know. And I also don’t expect that there will be negative actions imitating the Boss of the Sky after this MV.

Because in addition to Tung who wants to reinvent himself, create a masterpiece or his own jump, please be responsible to your fans, children only 6-16 years old. Dying is easy but living is hard, tell your fans. Please! The parents will be very grateful to Tung!”.

In the face of a wave of violent reactions, the removal of the MV is inevitable. However, instead of sending a request to Google to remove it on Youtube, I think the authorities should ask Son Tung to be aware of the incident and remove this MV himself.

Every day, the malicious MV is viewed millions of times, the singer can earn a lot of money, but the impact on children is immeasurable.

If he’s a responsible artist who doesn’t intentionally encourage suicide just because he’s incompetent to think content, then Son Tung needs to remove the MV himself, especially after the authorities make a decision. stop circulating. But after almost a day of publication, this singer’s Youtube channel still has no action with this vicious MV. Views are still increasing rapidly.

For artists who consider views and money more than serious consequences their products can have on society, the audience must express a drastic stance: “Boycott!”.

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