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The more I think about it, the more right it feels

Humans live a human life that everyone only has once. Fate has decreed that every experience cannot be undone, we just have to move forward. In human life things that are not as expected are inevitable.

While we know that disaster is inevitable, there are things we can learn from our predecessors to avoid failure. Older people have experienced and witnessed many things, so their life experiences are valuable lessons for us to ponder.

Not only that, there are morals that have been developed and passed down for thousands of generations. Most of them are conveyed in ancient proverbs and proverbs. Many of these are still valid today.

There is a Chinese proverb: “Don’t visit your relatives when you’re poor, don’t make friends when you’re poor.” rich“. Its origin dates back to the story of To Qin – a famous preacher from the Warring States period.

True story in history

It is said that when To Tan was young, he followed Ghost of Coc Tu to gain the knowledge of Tung Hoanh Gia (the school in Cuu Luu Ten Gia that favored the art of diplomacy that emerged in the Warring States period ) to study and record. . .

After returning home, To Tan told his parents and siblings that he could now make a difference with his language and diplomacy and needed capital first to launch his career. .

To Tan’s parents clearly understood that he had big ambitions from an early age, and his brother and sister-in-law wholeheartedly supported and believed that To Tan could return with glory. So the whole family took out all their savings to support him.

With the support of his family, To Tan became more and more confident. He started buying expensive clothes, bought a carriage and hired a coachman to start his work.

There is an old saying that rich does not find friends, does not find relatives in trouble: the more you think about it, the truer it is - photo 2.

Assuming his abilities would be used by the king, To Qin was not a prime minister, but also had to be in the front row, but the truth was often the opposite of what was expected. At that time, the monarch basically did not like what To Qin showed.

As a result, he could not even get a minor official, but he was also expelled from the capital. After a period of wandering, no money is left, winter is approaching, and To Qin has no other option to return home.

After returning home empty-handed, To Tan was laughed at by his friends and ignored by his family. Even the sister-in-law always had a very awkward attitude towards To Tan before, scolding him “useless just waiting for free food”.

The reality before him made To Tan both sad and angry. He tried to revive himself, to get strong, to repeat the lessons he had been taught. Finally, after several years of effort, he succeeded, that is, he became a general of remarkable strength of the Six Kingdoms.

Things change, people’s hearts change too. Friends, parents, brother and sister-in-law all looked at To Tan differently, they all respected him very much. The old sister-in-law spoke harshly to To Tan and was so afraid of him that she had to kneel down and beg for her life.

Meaning passed down through thousands of generations

From the story of To Tan, people derived the saying “Don’t visit relatives when you’re poor, don’t make friends when you’re rich”.

This saying both aligns communication in life and wants to warn future generations to be careful when making connections. It can be said that money influences many relationships in life.

There is an old saying that Rich does not find friends, does not find relatives in trouble: the more you think about it, the truer it is - photo 4.

Because you are poor, no matter who you are, people will look down on you and even say “useless just waiting to eat for free” like To Tan’s sister-in-law. So if I don’t have anything of my own, it’s almost inevitable that I’ll be despised and rejected.

On the other hand, friends who get together for no reason will inevitably break up over interests. Meanwhile, true friends come out of hard times. If you don’t have anything on your hands, but you’re still honest with each other, that’s a true friend.

If we succeed and stay in power, the attitude of those around us will change immediately and even flatter you to the “blue cloud”. This is the real life!

Perhaps each of us has experienced this feeling while attending family or friends gatherings, this is inevitable. However, let’s try to keep the above teachings in mind and try not to fall down from difficulties like To Tan, a beautiful life will open up for us!

According to Sohu, Sina

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