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The magical start helps male spiders avoid being eaten by their partners

Mating is often a nightmare for spiders, as the females prefer cannibalism. But the male orb weavers know how to protect themselves.

In a study published in the journal Current Biology April 25, everyone Science To escape, male orb weavers often jump off the female at speeds of up to 82 cm/s or 3 km/h.

Shichang Zhang, an expert from Hubei University (China) – lead author of the study, said he was “excited” when he discovered the tactic.

Video: Male spiders escape their fellow spiders to avoid being eaten

In Zhang and colleagues’ study, they found that out of 155 successful matings of orb-weaver spiders, 152 instances of male spiders were expelled and survived.

Three men who failed in their attempt to escape were killed and eaten by their comrades.

According to the team, the escape mechanism of male orb-weaver spiders is relatively simple. When mating, they press their front legs onto the female. After successfully mating, these spiders use the hydraulic pressure of their leg joints to bounce off their partner’s body.

Zhang believes that female spiders often judge males by their ability to escape.

“By galloping, males can escape predators. While women can select high-quality men because kinetic performance can be directly correlated with men’s physical condition. male”, said Zhang.

According to this expert, even after mating is complete, the female can still decide whether or not to accept the male’s sperm.

Unlike mammals, spiders have structures called seminiferous tubules to store sperm. The female can choose to use these sperm to fertilize her eggs, or discard them by squeezing them or changing the pH to destroy them.

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