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The little wild dog refused the “chance to change his life” because the reason was emotional

Today, when keeping pets is becoming more and more popular, somewhere in the hidden corners of the prosperous city there are still many abandoned dogs wandering around day after day in search of food.

These dogs often have an ugly appearance and suffer from many diseases, so they are often avoided, hated and not everyone accepts a strange stray dog. Adoption can be described as a blessing or a “life-changing” opportunity for them.

The story of a small stray dog, which was recently reported by the Sohu (China) news site, was completely different, and this prisoner attracted a lot of attention from netizens in this country.

According to reports, a young man while walking came across the thin, dirty body of a small dog who was looking for leftovers from the landfill. The dog appears to have just weaned from its mother, but finds itself alone in the middle of a large, potentially dangerous landfill.

The little wild dog refused

A very young stray dog ​​alone in the middle of a landfill. Photo: Sohu

The boy felt sorry for the dog’s plight and decided to take the dog home to raise. However, the little dog always finds an escape route and returns to the old landfill and refuses to accept a new owner, although he gives the dog plenty of food and attractive toys.

The little wild dog refused

The stray dog ​​didn’t accept a new owner because he still had “responsibility” towards his juniors. Photo: Sohu

After having to find the dog many times, the guy decided to let the dog stay and watch and find out why the dog hadn’t left the old landfill. Seeing that the dog, after finding some leftover food, was taking it to another location, he continued to follow the dog and discovered that the dog was bringing food to a group of abandoned puppies.

Unlike the dog the boy met, the dogs here are a bit weaker and more fearful, it seems that his dog is the healthiest, so he took on a “mission” to find food for the whole herd. , like a responsible older brother.

The little wild dog refused

The other dogs are very weak and need someone to take care of. Photo: Sohu

At that moment he suddenly understood that the dog kept leaving because he could not leave his pathetic junior. He was very emotional, decided to bring the whole pack of dogs home to take care of them and promised to help them find a loving owner and give them a warm home forever.

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