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The kidnapper’s plan to ‘die and come back to life’

ChinaIn 2012, feng shui master Vuong Vu Tuong was kidnapped and murdered, but a few days later someone saw him appear near his home.

Vuong Vu Tuong, 51 years old, is a famous feng shui master in Thang Phuong Town, Ba Chau City, Hebei Province. Everyone in the city who wants to build a house, buy a house or read fortune telling comes to Tuong. This job helped his family build a new house, buy a car and save a lot of money.

On January 7, 2012, Mr. Tuong was invited to visit his home to see Feng Shui. After his nap he took the compass and left the house. Ms. Quach Tu Phuong, Mr. Tuong’s wife, waited until evening but did not see her husband or call back. But she figured everyone in town knew everyone, nothing dangerous, guess where he was drunk.

But the next day, Mr. Tuong still had no news, Phuong panicked and asked his relatives to find him.

On the third day, Mr. Tuong disappeared, Phuong received a strange phone call. The other party used a voice changer, gave a hoarse, shy voice, and said that Mr. Tuong had been kidnapped and if he wanted him back, he had to pay 200,000 yuan within two days, otherwise he would have to receive the body. Frightened Ms. Phuong quickly agreed. After hanging up the phone, she informed the police.

An investigation team was sent to the city to search for Mr. Tuong’s whereabouts. After checking 20 surveillance cameras on the street, the police only discovered that he had left the house at 4 p.m.

Phuong said her husband has a habit of taking notes with guests on the white plexiglass board in the bedroom so as not to forget them. But when checking the board, there is a schedule from the 1st to the 6th, until the 7th of January it is blank.

The white plexiglass board writes the victim's daily routine.  Photo: JXTV

The white plexiglass board writes the victim’s daily routine. Picture: JXTV

The Jan. 10 call lasted just over 10 seconds and the other party used a voice-changing device, making it difficult for police to get a tip. Fortunately, Ms. Phuong was afraid of missing important information when she answered the phone, so she hit the record button. The police took the recording and managed to recover the kidnapper’s voice. However, his voice is very strange, the accent is like other local people, no one can recognize her and her family.

Since the kidnapper had failed to provide the time and location of the transaction on the initial call, police decided he would call back no matter what. But after two days of waiting without seeing any contact, everyone was scared and worried that harm was being done to Tuong.

While waiting for the kidnapper to call and conducting a house-to-house search, police received word that a body had been found in a deserted area not far from town. The corpse’s face was badly damaged, it was impossible to determine whether it was Tuong or not.

After the coroner collected the victim’s DNA, Tuong’s wife and children were also called in for identification. Relatives confirmed that it was Tuong’s body based on clothing, birthmarks on his body, and other signs.

But unexpectedly, just a day after Tuong’s death was confirmed, Ms. Phuong’s phone rang again. The other party still used a voice changer, said Tuong was not dead, and asked the family to quickly prepare 200,000 yuan in ransom.

At the other end of the line, Tuong’s urgent voice rang out: “Quick, prepare a ransom to save me!”.

The results of the forensic examination are not yet available, but Mr. Tuong’s family are 100% sure that the body is Tuong’s. So, in the end, is the victim alive or dead?

The police carefully analyzed the second call recording and found new clues. After restoring the kidnapper’s voice, they found that the environment was very noisy when the kidnapper was talking to Phuong. But when Mr. Tuong spoke, the room seemed very empty, with a little echo. The police had to use professional technology to determine whether or not Tuong’s voice was recorded on the phone.

The family quickly collected the ransom.

At noon on January 14, Phuong received another phone call from the kidnapper. At that point, he gave the time and place of the transaction and asked her to take a taxi alone to go there. The ransom should be carefully wrapped in black plastic bags and placed next to the rubbish heap next to the chicken farm 5km away In the suburb.

To ensure Phuong’s safety, the police disguised themselves as the taxi driver escorting her and told her to ask to speak to her husband if the kidnapper called. But he said Tuong was not there, then ended the transaction.

Not long after, the police received information that someone saw Mr. Tuong appearing near the house in the evening. Three witnesses are a father and son who open a barbecue shop near Tuong’s house, the other is the owner of a nail shop next door. They described Mr. Tuong, who wore a black coat, held a compass and, as usual, had a slight limp. As he passed, he also waved to father and son from afar. But he did not return home, but disappeared into the night.

When everyone was doubting and confused, after waiting 7 days, the autopsy results showed that the body in the landfill was Mr. Tuong, the voice on the phone was recorded. Police believe the kidnapper deliberately disguised himself as the victim to make people believe he was still alive and continued to smuggle ransom.

The kidnapper must know Tuong’s lifestyle. The victim wrote a schedule on the blackboard each day, but not on the day of the disappearance, and left home that day to indicate that the destination was so close and familiar that it did not need to be written on the blackboard. Therefore, the place where Mr. Tuong was kidnapped must be near his home. Since the kidnapper was doing his best to make people believe the victim wasn’t dead, he certainly hadn’t left and was waiting for the next transaction.

Combined with the clues echoed in the recording of Tuong’s voice, police began covertly searching unfinished buildings, factories, abandoned warehouses and basements within a kilometer of the victim’s home. . They discovered an old cellar, uninhabited for many years, near a factory, very noisy during the day and deserted at night.

The basement was huge, the floor covered with dust and cobwebs, but one corner of the wall was much cleaner than the others, and there was a faint bloodstain at the corner.

The police immediately cordoned off the crime scene, took blood samples for comparison, the result was bloodstains from Tuong and also from the basement owner, Ly Hong Lo, 42 years old.

People said that Lo went to town to work as a hired laborer and usually didn’t return home until the Lunar New Year. But recently they were surprised that he had returned on New Year’s Eve.

The police arrested Lo immediately. During interrogation, Lo confessed to the crime.

Lo works in the business of buying and selling gold to make a profit and owes a lot of money. Due to debt, Lo had to flee to his hometown. He saw Tuong driving a car, so he decided to kidnap him for ransom.

Revealed as an excuse to renovate the basement to invite Tuong. When Tuong arrived, he hit the victim with bricks. During the ransomware process, Lo Tuong asked to pre-record the call for help. He was afraid that after Tuong demanded the ransom, he realized that he should kill the victim. Lo didn’t expect the police to discover the body so quickly, so they planned to fake it.

On July 28, 2012, Lo was sentenced to death for the crime abduct and killing.

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