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The best movies about the liberation of the south that the audience should not miss

Liberate Saigon (2005)

Based on work Saigon – Epic song by the writer Hoang Ha, the film Liberate Saigon by director Long Van, based on the attack to liberate Buon Ma Thuot that prompted the Republic of Vietnam to seek military aid from the United States while attempting to hold Hue and Da Nang; into the battle to capture the Dau Giay crossing, to capture Xuan Loc, open the east door to enter Saigon. Next came the artillery barrage that paralyzed the Bien Hoa and Tan Son Nhat military airports. The US forced President Nguyen Van Thieu to resign to form a new cabinet led by Duong Van Minh for the US military event. evacuated from Saigon by helicopter.

The Liberation of Saigon has always been recognized as one of the most emblematic films depicting the events of the South’s Liberation Day on April 30th. Photo: VTV

All these events included the plan of the Ho Chi Minh campaign command: enter Saigon with 5 arrows, occupy the 5 most important positions, coordinate with the special forces in the city, go straight to the last stronghold of the Republic of Vietnam, President Duong Van Minh to force it to surrender unconditionally while Saigon was still intact.

Liberate Saigon premiered to mark the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country with an investment of up to VND 12.5 billion.

Vietnam 10000 Day War (1980)

The Ten Thousand Day War kind Vietnam 10000 Day War is one of the most impressive and earliest documentaries created with the aim of providing a multi-dimensional look at the war against the USA. The film was directed by Michael Maclear and written by Peter Arnett, who was an Associated Press reporter in Vietnam from 1962 to 1975. The film received an award from the National Education Association of the United States and was broadcast by VTV1. first time in 2005.

Films about the liberation of the South cannot be ignored - photo 2.

Vietnam The 10,000 Day War gives an overview of the events of April 30th. Photo: Moviemet

In episode 12 entitled “Surrender”, the film vividly describes important moments such as the resignation of Nguyen Van Thieu as President of the Republic of Vietnam a few days before the surrender of the Saigon government to the communist Provisional Revolutionary Government. The Peace in South Vietnam in the Event of April 30, 1975, or the Hue Da Nang Campaign, was a campaign in the major campaigns of the South Vietnam Liberation Army’s general offensive and spring 1975 uprising. start…

In addition, some interviews with Nguyen Van Thieu or Nguyen Cao Ky – former Prime Minister of the Republic of Vietnam – are also saved, giving viewers an overview of the April 30 event. Vietnam 10000 Day War was rated 8.4/10 by the IMDB audience.

The smell of burning grass (2012)

The main context of the film is the event of the 1972 Red Summer – the most brutal war in the history of the War of Resistance against the US to save the country, with the Battle of Quang Tri Citadel. The main characters of the film are four students from Hanoi General University: Hoang, Thanh, Thang and Long, who received rapid training in 1971 after the order of general mobilization for military service and eventually took part in combat. at Quang Tri citadel in 1972. This is where Thanh, Thang, Long died and Hoang was lucky enough to return alive.

Films about the liberation of the South cannot be ignored - photo 3.

The smell of burning grass recreates one of the most violent events of the War for the Liberation of the South. Photo: Vietnamese Feature Film Studio.

The film won four awards Golden Dragon for Best Film, Best Music for musician Do Hong Quan, Best Screenplay for Hoang Nhuan Cam and Best Cinematography for Outstanding Artist Pham Thanh Ha at Kite Prize 2011.

In particular, the character Hoang is based on the role model of the late screenwriter Hoang Nhuan Cam at a young age. He’s an outgoing, fun student who takes his guitar with him everywhere. In an air raid trying to save the guitar, Hoang was injured, required treatment, and was separated from his three friends. Later, Hoang was the sole survivor of the war and preserved his friends’ memories.

open fields (1979)

The main scene, performed by the late folk artist Hong Sen, is the Dong Thap Muoi region during the days of struggle for the liberation of South Vietnam. The couple Ba Do and their little child live in a small hut in the middle of the water. They were tasked by the Vietnamese Revolution to maintain the line of communication for the soldiers.

Films about the liberation of the South cannot be ignored - photo 4.

The Wasteland is also a war film that shows the spirit of “fighting against the US on the basis of the strength of the people”. Photo TT

The author focuses heavily on the couple’s daily life, such as growing rice, raising children, catching pythons and fishing, but interspersed with scenes of battle and hiding scenes of the Army Huey helicopter. The US has confiscated territory in this country to track down the active guerrilla team. In a raid, Ba Do was hit by an American helicopter and died, to avenge his husband, Ba Do’s wife chased the helicopter and shot it down with the guerrilla team.

open fields won the gold medal at the Moscow Film Festival in 1981. It is also one of the rare Vietnamese films that showcases near-perfect beauty from the screenwriter to the director, from the camera to the music. In addition, this is also a war film that shows the spirit of “fighting against the United States based on the strength of the people.”

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