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The 121st richest person in the world wanted to buy Chelsea

BrothersJim Ratcliffe, worth around $15 billion, is looking to invest $5.5 billion to own and strengthen the Stamford Bridge team.

Ratcliffe makes a purchase offer Chelsea yesterday 29.4. Accordingly, he will spend $3.3 billion to buy back the club and invest $2.2 billion over 10 years to strengthen it. “This is an offer from England and for an English club,” read the statement. “We believe that the club is bigger than the owners who only temporarily protect the great tradition with responsibility towards the fans and the community.”

Ratcliffe is also committed to turning Stamford Bridge into a world-class stadium and continues to invest in the team and academy to ensure a first-class squad for both the men’s and women’s teams.

Ratcliffe is almost twice as rich as Chelsea's previous owner, Abramovich.  Photo: Reuters.

Ratcliffe is almost twice as rich as Chelsea’s previous owner, Abramovich. Picture: Reuters.

Ratcliffe made the offer almost two months later than the tender to buy Chelsea, which is being conducted by Raine Bank (USA). It is not yet clear whether the 69-year-old British billionaire will succeed. Corresponding Sky Sports, bidding is now just a battle between two factions. Including the joint venture faction of the former chairman LiverpoolMartin Broughton and Dave Blitzer and Josh Harris, two shareholders of the Crystal Palace team, and on the other side is Todd Boehly, the billionaire owner of the US baseball team LA Dodgers and the US investment fund Clearlake Capital.

Billionaire Ratcliffe added: “We believe London should have a club that reflects the city’s stature, a club organized like Real Madrid, Barca or Bayern Munich. We make this investment as players. we are fans We have no profit motive because we make money differently.”

Chelsea should learn the name of the new owner in May. Once Raine has selected a preferred contractor, the UK Government will give approval to complete the sale. Proceeds from the sale of Chelsea will be used to pay for victims of the war in Ukraine.

Former owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich lost the right to sell Chelsea after the UK government found he had ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the 19 years he owned it, Chelsea won 21 titles and became a power in Europe.

Ratcliffe is currently the 121st richest person in the world with a net worth of approximately $15.2 billion. He is Chairman and CEO of industrial chemicals company Ineos and owner of Nice, a Ligue 1 team (France).

As a result of his UK fortune being frozen, Abramovich fell to No. 239 with $8.7 billion and Todd Boehly to No. 627 with $4.5 billion.

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