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Thai Cong eats vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste in tray with VND 36 million

Controversially, every video by designer Thai Cong draws netizens’ attention. The most notable of these is the series on expensive dishes to like eating popular dishes instant noodles, balut,…

Recently, Thai Cong continued to make a clip about eating vermicelli with shrimp paste, which piqued netizens’ curiosity. Accordingly, the designer used a tray costing VND 36 million, not to mention the accompanying sauce set, to eat vermicelli.

“Thai Cong once said that there is no such thing as cheap food, only cheap thinking. Therefore, every dish that Thai Cong eats will be beautifully presented for him and his blackheads… Thai Cong believes that every cook can see the respect of Thai. For the food they prepare they must be very happy.” – The designer explains the awkwardness in his food.

Thai Cong eats rice noodles with shrimp paste in a tray of 36 million - photo 1.

Thai Cong launches 36 million VND tray

Bean noodles, chili, … are served in small bowls and are not cheap

Close-up of bean paste noodle soup with shrimp paste

As always, the value of Thai Cong tableware arouses interest. The person who compares the tray of vermicelli with shrimp paste to the value of 1 motorcycle thinks that this dish should be eaten in a popular way to have the right taste:

– It’s also vermicelli with shrimp paste, but it’s very strange.

– Eating noodles parked on a motorbike.

– The feeling of eating like this keeps losing the flavor of vermicelli with shrimp paste.

– I still wonder what dish soap is in Thai Cong’s house.

Also, there are many opinions that agree with Thai Cong’s view of food and drink:

– Many of you say it is wasteful, but if you really have money, you can spend it too. Don’t teach the rich to spend money.

– I agree with Thai Cong’s point of view. From the chef’s point of view, everyone is very happy when their dishes are prepared by people who can enjoy both the sight and the taste.


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