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Specialty in Hue with ingredients like no other, some people “criticize”, others are addicted

When visitors come to the dreamy land of Hue, they can taste all kinds of culinary quintessences. From cakes, ram cakes,… to colorful teas. Hue tea is famous for being both delicious and cheap. Standing out among the dozens of specific royal tea dishes is the roasted pork powder tea.

True to its name, this dish is a combination of soft filter powder and fried pork with slightly sweet sugar water. The half-sweet, half-salty dish scares some people to try it because it’s so “weird” it might not suit. But once you try it, you’ll definitely see things that don’t match, but incredibly match!

Specialty for King in Hue with ingredients like no other some people

Roasted pork filter tea is quite picky due to its unique combination of ingredients

Speaking of origins, nobody remembers where the filtered pork powder tea comes from. Just know that this is a combination of Phu Xuan and Cambodian cuisine. Since ancient times, this tea has been classified as one of the three types of tea. The recipe was kept secret by the royal chef and then passed on to his students and granddaughters.

Also heard that this dish is often used at banquets and parties. Back then, Hue often had roast pork on the tray. By multiplying the remaining meat, roasted pork filter powder tea is processed.

Specialty for royalty in Hue with ingredients like no other some people

Those who have tasted it all recognize the strange rationality between salty and sweet in this dish

Roasted pork filter powder tea is actually the filter powder coated with roasted pork. The filter shell is thin and transparent, so you can see the filling inside immediately. The filling is roasted pork with black fungus (wood ear) and a variety of spices to create a sweet and savory aroma and flavor. Especially the water portion with fried pork filter powder impresses with the slight sweetness, the fragrant aroma of sticky leaves mixed with the smell of a few small slices of ginger.

The process of cooking this dish is very laborious, just marinating the meat takes 6-7 hours to evenly pull. After that, the roast must be edged with salted sugar to dry, then the cake will be tough.

The meat is then skilfully filled into the kneaded filter dough. The filter powder used to wrap the meat is only moderately thick to ensure the tea balls are medium soft. Use filter powder to bring out the dark flesh color, but eat plenty without fear of boredom. The process of forming the filter batter with the meat is also extremely important so that the finished product doesn’t become exposed or mushy as the sugar water boils.

Specialty for King in Hue with ingredients like no other some people

Each roast pork filter tea capsule is a laborious process

Filtered flour balls are boiled with sugar water with pandan leaves and ginger. Whether it’s a traditional or modern version, the roasted pork filter powder tea is still pure white in color, like amber. After biting through the crust, the salty taste spreads in the mouth without feeling cold. A little ice brings a cool feeling on a summer day, but also makes the crust harder.

In Hue, almost every tea shop sells roasted powdered pork tea, even some street vendors have this dish. If it’s your first time to Hue and you don’t know where to eat, you can go to Auntie Ton Dich’s Tea (65 Tran Hung Dao), Alley Tea (No. 1 Masterpiece 29 Hung Vuong), Cam Tea (No. 10 Nguyen Sinh Cung), Tee Ngoc Hien (67 Tran Hung Dao)…

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