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Rescuing a flight attendant illegally detained by “gypsies”.

Rescue of an illegally held flight attendant

Theme Vo Duy Phuong

Previously, Ms. D. (SN 2000, lived in Tan Bien District) worked as a hostess for karaoke bars in Tan Chau District run by Phuong and Tan. During her time as a flight attendant, Ms. D. had a loan of VND 10,000,000 from them. However, Ms. D. only paid VND 4,500,000, then quit her job as a hostess and went to her hometown.

On April 26, Tan saw Ms. D. appear at a resident’s house (in Hamlet 2, Suoi Ngo Township, Tan Chau District), so she invited Phuong to come and check her. Next, the two arrested Ms. D. and then took the victim back to the inn they had previously rented to manage. At the same time, Ms. D. is forced to continue working as a flight attendant in order to pay off Ms. D.’s debts.

During Ms. D’s illegal arrest at the inn, Phuong repeatedly verbally abused, beat, and forced Ms. D. to receive guests at karaoke bars. Unable to endure Phuong and Tan’s beatings and scrutiny, and taking advantage of their loopholes, Ms. D called the police department for help.

On the morning of April 29, through professional measures, the Tan Chau District police dispatched forces to arrest Phuong and rescue Ms. D. Rieng. Tan quickly escaped. The confiscated exhibits include: 3 mobile phones, 1 motorcycle… Through investigation, Phuong admitted his crime as described above.

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