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Reasons why businesses should switch to digital payments

According to a survey of 1,618 people by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, more than 67% of e-finance users in Southeast Asia think SMEs should start using digital payments for transactions. finance.

Among them, 72% of consumers in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines and 68% support the introduction of a digital payment system in SMEs.

Regarding the payment method, the study also shows that Southeast Asian users use it frequently, including:

– Mobile payment applications make up 58%

– Online banking via mobile applications accounted for 53%

– Debit cards account for 36%

– Credit cards account for 33%

– Online banking via browser accounts for 31%

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According to Kaspersky, nearly 59% of survey respondents said that stores that accept digital payments encourage them to shop more instead of just using cash. Malaysian users still vote at 70%, Vietnam at 63% and the Philippines at 59%.

Mr. Yeo Siang Tiong – General Manager of Kaspersky Southeast Asia said: “Besides pursuing a digital lifestyle, consumers are also beginning to become aware of the dangers and risks of cyber threats to their personal lives.”

Kaspersky experts advise companies to:

– Risk Assessment: This helps organizations create a plan to patch security vulnerabilities.

– Employee training: Focus on cybersecurity training for employees and instruct them on what to do if they receive a suspicious email to protect against internal threats.

– Regularly update all software updates to improve performance and fix security vulnerabilities.

– Back up files regularly: Files must be backed up automatically to prevent ransomware attacks and data encryption.

– Do you need powerful security software like Kaspersky Endpoint Detection that provides proactive protection for your data, finances and online assets.

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