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Ngo Thanh Van with ‘Blockbuster’ diary, how is Minh Hang?

wedding Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran took place on May 8 and attracted the attention of fans. Ahead of the big day, Beating Vietnamese Women revealed a series of her wedding photos with her 11-year-old lover. It is known that the couple made a wedding album in a film studio in Binh Duong.

In addition to the revealed wedding photos, Ngo Thanh Van opened up about the ‘Blockbuster’ project and the activities that led up to the happiest day of his life. The actress said: “Really, although I’ve produced and directed a lot of blockbuster projects. But for the first time in my life producing my own event, there are too many things. I’m confused and confused. I will keep you updated on the activities that led to the happiest day of my life. And the first chapter is the wedding card.

4 weddings expected to explode in 2022: Ngo Thanh Van with

Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran’s wedding took place in Da Nang on May 8th. (Photo: Tang Tang)

In fact, he has worked as a creative director for many projects and has led almost many invitations to film premieres of all the company’s film projects. This time I had to come up with something to show guests and loved ones what is delicate, beautiful but impressive.”

Regarding his uniquely designed wedding card, Ngo Thanh Van explained, “The box of fresh flowers and white wildflowers is carefully selected. Flowers like: Dutch White Hydrangea, Peruvian Lily, Dalat Heather… are all my favorite wildflowers. My English name is Veronica and this is also the name of a wildflower as a very special representation of the word. I.

The transparent box and card will be the key to send the guests as a pure message and show transparency. It represents true love between people. We can see each other, sympathize and feel the love for each other in the smallest circle in the most intimate way.

Ngo Thanh Van personally designed a unique wedding card. (Photo: FBNV)

Ngo Thanh Van’s wedding – Huy Tran was held at a resort in Da Nang. “On that May 8th, Van and Huy decided to have a small wedding that marked a new chapter in their lives. A small and beautiful wedding ceremony with two families and a couple of friends. Van – Huy’s bond Van doesn’t want this to be an event, he really wants it to be an event to remember. So Van and Huy decided that this party would be small but sure to be nice and cosy. .

The two are very sorry that they could not invite everyone to participate. But we believe that the whole family will understand, love and respect Van and Huy’s decisions,” Ngo Thanh Van shared.

4 weddings expected to explode in 2022: Ngo Thanh Van with

Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran’s wedding is expected by Vietnamese stars and fans in 2022. (Photo: FBNV)

wedding min slope and when does the rich husband take place?

Alongside the wedding of Ngo Thanh Van and her 11-year-old lover, daytime singer Minh Hang also returned to the same house with her rich boyfriend after a romantic proposal was awaited by colleagues and fans on the evening of March 14. The “Around the Earth” singer said she will be getting into the flower car next June. “If I say yes, June won’t be mine anymore, it’s ours,” Minh Hang shared with a picture of her happily as her rich boyfriend proposed to her.

Singer Minh Hang’s birthday is known to be in June, also marking the six-year milestone that she and her rich boyfriend are together. The singer shared it was a beautiful and appropriate time for her to prepare the most thoughtful wedding.

When did Minh Hang and her husband’s wedding take place? (Photo: FBNV)

Minh Hang also said that she and her boyfriend of 10 years have been together for many years and both are each other’s targets. Speaking about her future husband, Minh Hang revealed that “the other half” respects and understands the nature of her work. The friend did not push Minh Hang at the wedding, but wanted the lover to fulfill all the plans he had made.

The singer also chose not to reveal her boyfriend’s information, despite the fact that the two have been together for many years. Therefore, Minh Hang wants to protect the “other half” by “not wanting him to step into the light”. “I just want to hug this man so he can live a normal life and work like everyone else,” Minh Hang shared.

wedding Runner-up Phuong Nga – Binh An is awaited by fans after romantic marriage proposal

After more than 4 years of cooperation, runner-up Phuong Nga officially accepted actor Binh An’s marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day 2022. The event had witnessed the performance of Miss Vietnam 2020 Do Thi Ha and close friends of both.

4 weddings expected to explode in 2022: Ngo Thanh Van with

Runner-up Phuong Nga officially accepted actor Binh An’s marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day 2022. (Photo: FBNV)

Share with Vietnamese After her boyfriend’s proposal, runner-up Phuong Nga said she cried because she was emotional when her boyfriend proposed to her on Valentine’s Day. The couple’s romantic proposal Binh An – runner-up Phuong Nga – was blessed by runner-up Thuy Van, runner-up Kieu Loan, Miss Do My Linh, Miss Ha Kieu Anh, “Miss Tycoon”. Pham Kim Dung and many fans: “Waiting for the super wedding”; “Congratulations, Ms. Phuong Nga!”; “The general’s wife is real”; “Congratulations, sister!”; “Tomorrow in this green spring / Someone follows her husband to give up the game”…

4 weddings expected to explode in 2022: Ngo Thanh Van with

Vietnamese stars and fans are expecting runner-up Phuong Nga’s Binh An marriage to take place in 2022 following a romantic proposal. (English: FBNV)

wedding MacVan Khoa – Thao Vy after 7 years of love

Mac Van Khoa said he and his wife Thao Vy are busy preparing for the wedding, which is expected to take place in May in his hometown of Hai Duong and in June in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the couple has completed their wedding photography ahead of the big day.

The male comedian’s wife once told about the chance to join Mac Van Khoa that she used to follow the program Laughing through Vietnam. At the time, Mac Van Khoa was a candidate on the program. ‘I don’t know Mr Khoa and I have no impression of him. At the end of the program, my friend and I stayed to take photos with the actor. And I was the only one who asked to take a picture with him. After that, the two asked for a photo with the actor. Facebook of each other and became a charm from there,” Mac Van Khoa’s wife shared.

4 weddings expected to explode in 2022: Ngo Thanh Van with

Mac Van Khoa – Thao Vy’s wedding took place in May in his hometown of Hai Duong and in June in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: FBNV)

Thao Vy once revealed that the love story between her and Mac Van Khoa had a period when she wasn’t supported by her mother-in-law, even she is said to have loved Mac Van Khoa for money. Later, feeling the sincere affection of both of them, Van Khoa’s mother went from protesting to loving and caring for her daughter-in-law. When Thao Vy gave birth to her first daughter, she was well taken care of by her mother-in-law. She changed diapers, stayed up nights to give Minnie milk, and advised her daughter-in-law to rest and recover.

After 7 years of working together, Mac Van Khoa decided to propose to Thao Vy. “Maybe that’s a completely different proposal, now that we have kids I can propose to you. The approval here is not just to marry me, but to hold hands to raise children together, to overcome everything. everything in the future. If there’s anything, remember that moment and then you’ll both look at each other again, hold hands!” Mac Van Khoa reminded his wife Thao Vy.

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