NASA’s spacecraft was “attacked” by a mysterious object in space.

TESS is a spaceship carrying a super space telescope on a mission to hunt down potentially habitable planets in the galaxy.

According to a recent report from NASA, the TESS spacecraft has encountered a brand new astronomical object called a “micronova.”

“Micronovae are unique events, but still small events of astronomical proportions,” concluded the team led by Durham University astronomer Simone Scaringi. Head.

The team said they were analyzing data from the TESS spacecraft when they spotted three bright beams of light coming from three star systems, TV Columbae, EI Ursae Majoris and ASASSN-19bh. The rays that “hit” TESS are micronovae.

The NASA spacecraft was struck by a mysterious object in space

Micronovae originate from white dwarfs in the universe.

The two micronovae originate from the white dwarfs TV Columbae and EI Ursae Majoris. But the third micronova requires more observations with the X-Shooter instrument on some sort of supermassive telescope.

Micronovae show up in telescopic data as bright optical rays lasting several hours. It is formed at the magnetic poles of white dwarfs, where a lot of hydrogen is stored. Sometimes they become overloaded, creating small explosions that fire in bolts of light.

This event is rare but much smaller than a supernova event – the latest explosion ripped apart a white dwarf star.

White dwarfs are essentially the remnants of stars that form after a sun-like star runs out of energy and is exhausted after a long time.

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