Madonna’s career and hobby of falling in love with young pilots

Madonna – one of the most popular voices in the world in the 21st century. The singer is also famous for their age difference, which shocks public opinion.

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Madonna was born into an Italian-American family in a small town in the state of Michigan. After high school, Madonna received a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan, but decided to drop out in 1978 to pursue her dream of singing in New York City.

She packed to New York with only $35 in her pocket and sang backing vocals for many singers here. Between 1979 and 1981 she formed the group and has since attracted the attention of famous music producers.

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Young Madonna become a star

By the time she signed to Sire Records, Madonna had many hit singles including Everyone and Burn entered the Billboard charts.

In 1983, the singer released her debut album and took her own name as the name of the album – Madonna. The album was later released in 1984 – Like a Virgin.

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Poster for the album “Like A Virgin”

Like a Virgin The album was an international success and became the most popular album in Germany, New Zealand and Spain. This is also the first album by a female artist to have sold more than 5 million copies in the US.

First Guide

In 1985, Madonna embarked on a North American tour called “The Virgin Tour” with the participation of The Beastie Boys. Fans, especially female fans, adore her so much that they emulate her style.

In the following years, the singer released albums True Bluethe song Dad doesn’t preach became one of the biggest hits of the “Queen of Pop”.

Madonna started acting in the mid ’80s. In 1990, she appeared in the film Dick Tracy and won the Saturn Award for Best Actress.

And of course she didn’t stop there, Madonna continued to organize the world-class tour “Blonde Ambition World Tour” and won the Grammy Award in the category “Best Long Form Music Video”.

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Madonna has won many Grammy Awards throughout her musical career

In the early ’90s, Madonna continued to work hard: releasing new music, starring in films, touring. In 1996, Madonna starred in the musical “Evita” and received critical acclaim.

“Queen of Pop” won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy Drama. Madonna truly proves to be a versatile and successful artist in every field she is involved in.

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Image of Madonna in the film “Evita”

She released more albums throughout the 2000s, most notably American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor.

The singer also performs at many charity events, is the lead singer of the hit Super Bowl sports tournament, and tours regularly, although she still does a good job as a mother to her six children. .

Her latest album – Madame X – was released in June 2019 and was inspired by the music in Portugal – where she used to live.

Gu “Pilot” friend

The love life of the 63-year-old singer is like a reflection of her music: rebellion and storming of public opinion.

Even at the age of 63, Madonna still has a penchant for dating men her own age. Over the past 10 years, the singer has set her standards for boyfriends — they’re all at least 28 years younger than her. The guys she “dates” are all models, dancers or work with her.

In an interview with the newspaper New York Daily, Madonna shared: “You must be an open-minded and brave person to enter my world. Men my age and older like stability, they are not as reckless and adventurous as younger people.”

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Ahlamalik Williams – Madonna’s younger ex-boyfriend

Although she was criticized by many when she was “paired” with men her own age, Madonna did not care much, even many feminists and music culture researchers expressed their admiration for her lifestyle and lifestyle. personality of this 63-year-old singer.

Ahlamalik Williams – his closest friend female singer, 36 years her junior. The relationship is supported by both Madonna’s children and Ahlamalike’s parents, although Madonna is two years older than her parents. However, the two just confirmed their split after 3 years together.

In addition to Ahlamalik, Madonna has dated Brahim Zaibat – a 28-year-old dancer, Aboukabar Soumahoro – a 33-year-old male model.

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