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I trembled and told my husband that I lost 400 million of my life savings

When I was a girl, I had a well-paying and stable job. But from that day on marry and gave birth to a child, my husband wanted me to stay at home as a steady support so he could take care of making money.

When my children grew up, could do everything on their own and were too busy at home, I felt like a superfluous person. After many nights of thinking, I decided to hide my husband to make money.

Every day my husband and children leave home first, and I leave home later. I went to Truc place to study, my best friend works crafthow much production can be exported abroad.

While you’re in financial trouble, I’ve used all of my savings of $400 million to give you a loan, and I’m a shareholder in the company. But then because Truc’s two children played a lot and owed a lot. To save the children, Truc had to sell the factory to pay the debt, the money I brought in as capital, they demanded a refund. Her family is in the same place, even if I want to get the money back, I can’t.

I’ve been restless for a week, I don’t know what to say to my husband anymore? Because I couldn’t eat or sleep, I lost 3 kg in just one week. My wife was so emaciated at dinner last night that my husband assumed I was seriously ill, so he had to see a doctor right away.

I didn’t want to hide it from my husband anymore, I told him trembling that I had used up all my numbers save money bring capital with you. After knowing that the money was lost, the husband did not scold his wife, but praised my business acumen. Then he sent me 1 billion directly and said: “Please get in touch with Truc in the near future so you can both start over. Truc has many good friends and technicians. I will invest money, you are the owner and Truc will be an effective supporter for you. “.

I choked and informed Truc that my husband would restore their manufacturing facility, but on the condition that it was mine. She was thrilled and immediately agreed. Truc is the owner, now she works for me, I don’t know if that’s ok? Working with Truc Will she do her best? I’m so worried!

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