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I never thought my daughter would be Miss Universe

OLDHis daughter took part in the beauty pageant at the age of 26. Why not encourage your kids to enter beauty pageants from a young age?

– When will fate come? How can I know this in advance? Just like in love, no one can choose a predestined relationship in marriage.

Have you ever imagined your daughter going to a beauty pageant?

– I never thought. I just want you to have a peaceful and good life, I’m very happy.

You must have judged the beauty pageant, beauty?

– I have traveled twice to the USA to judge Miss Global, another time to Thailand to judge Miss Global. Then I scored “Jewelry Queen” 8 times, scored the beauty, marked the beauty pageant… I’ve already scored a lot.

Folk artist Tran Nhuong: I never thought my daughter would go to the pageant - photo 2.

Folk artist Tran Nhuong and his daughter Anh Phuong.

Can you assess your daughter objectively?

– That’s very difficult. Since I didn’t see the other contestants, only my daughter knows how do I get points?

Did your daughter talk to you before the exam, consult you?

– I have an announcement. I only support you If a girl takes the exam, I have to support her!

How do you support?

– I informed my friends, introduced them to Anh Phuong, urged everyone to vote and support her. Just like that (laugh).

Will you come to support your daughter in the final?

– I enter the final. I already have a plan. Why didn’t you come to cheer me on when I went to the exam? Recently I had to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Public Security Theater in the semifinals, so I had to participate or I would have come to cheer for my son.

He has good taste in aesthetics and has a broad relationship. Do you advise your daughter on clothing and introduce her to fashion houses?

– I have suggestions, recommendations. And my daughter’s “belly” doesn’t cooperate, doesn’t bother me. My child’s perspective, “belly,” is different than mine. I’m from the younger generation and I’m a girl, so I don’t understand women’s fashion as well as she does.

Do you follow your daughter around?

– No. I don’t follow When I finished the exam the results were announced, I just went online to check them out.

Are you nervous as the final stages of your daughter’s competition draw near?

– No voltage. If you are worthy, you will get good results. If you don’t deserve it, I accept it. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous (laugh).

Folk Artist Tran Nhuong: I never thought my daughter would go to Miss Pageant - Photo 5.

Before the beauty pageant, folk artist Tran Nhuong’s daughter was praised for her beautiful beauty (Photo: Internet)

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