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“I have to work late until 3-4 o’clock…”

Mentioned RMITPeople will instantly recall anecdotes from school, like parking lots full of expensive supercars, students going to school in Rolls-Royce, tuition billed at hundreds of millions or more… But “outstanding product” “RMIT has many talented ones too and well educated young people!

Among them, Pham Nu Thanh Tu, who is studying for a Masters in Business Administration from RMIT University, stands out. She is also the founder of a famous English center.

Pham Nu Thanh Tu is currently studying for a Master of Business Administration at RMIT University

What will studying at RMIT be like after the pandemic?

Thanh Tu studied English at Nguyen Du High School for the Gifted. She twice won second prize at the provincial level in the English proficiency test with an 8.0 IELTS.

After that, Tu attended the Normal University of Ho Chi Minh City. After working for some time, she decided to continue studying business administration at RMIT – a field that had nothing to do with her original plans.

Thanh Tu shared: “Many also ask themselves why they study two opposing disciplines. For someone who, like me, has no commercial background, it is very difficult to go to school at the beginning.

I changed direction because during my work I saw that many English centers are open but the quality of the students was not really the first priority. They are good at business but they are not English teachers so they invest too much business and have no teaching skills. So I plan to study a Master of Business Administration to build a center with my own characteristics.”.

Thanh Tu once achieved 8.0 IELTS and won second prize in the HSG provincial exam

Her friend said that if you study for a master’s degree in business at RMIT, you won’t be able to handle the lesson too much because the lecturer defaults to students already having a background. Therefore, when Thanh Tu first learned, she had to relearn from the most basic things like writing financial statements, understanding business concepts…

Parallel to his master’s degree at RMIT, Tu opened his own English center at the same time. While doing TikTok, going to school, and opening a center, Tu also had to sacrifice his health to get all the work done.

Her friend confided in her: “When choosing a career, I have to sacrifice playing time. Every morning I train at home with my private tutor. Then I go to work and school. I often have to stay up until 3-4 a.m..”

Currently, Thanh Tu often sleeps until 3-4 am to finish all his studies and work

She learned this habit from her father, who was originally a doctor and then became a hospital director. Tu had seen his father many times working at night, this picture also made her friend say she should try harder.

Gen Z trusted: “I’ll trade my health for work, but I hope the future can change. Since the first time is always difficult, I opened the center myself at a young age.

At work, I always try to focus on the work. I’m the type of person who needs to accomplish all of my goals for the day before I can go to sleep. I know that staying up late is very harmful, but I also try to stay healthy by eating right and exercising every day.”.

Thanh Tu also confided that when learning English, one must pay attention to two things: prepare well mentally and study according to the method.

A friend shared: “Learning good English depends on age. Just like when I was a child, if I learned a language early, I would be able to absorb it more easily. But usually you learn English when you grow up.

I think the most important thing when learning a foreign language is to work hard and not get discouraged. People are often afraid to speak up because they have the mindset of “saying it has to be good, but if it’s not good they’ll ridicule it.” But you have to bravely overcome this pressure, no matter what others ask you to do. Always remember that you need to practice now, in the future learning the right method will get better. After that you have to learn the grammar, the international phonetic table… to speak English properly.”.

Tu’s short-term goal is to try to complete RMIT with the best scores.

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