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How to lose weight sustainably

Kingsford told Healthline that while things like strict calorie restriction or cutting out carbs can produce visible weight loss results, they don’t make sense if you want to be successful with your diet. lifetime weight loss.

“Research supports – and will continue to support – the types of behavior change that are sustainable over the long term. Of course, these don’t yield results as convincing as losing 10 pounds in a week,” says Kingsford. .

Kingsford also says sexy or not, sustainable is a good thing when trying to lose weight. And the way to sustainable weight loss is to set goals that you can actually achieve.

For example, if your method of losing weight involves running and you currently run a mile three times a week, then the next step is to run 2 miles that day or two, rather than jumping to 10 miles six times a week.

This approach also provides positive reinforcement for your goal setting muscles. “The more goals you set and achieve, the more likely you are to set them and achieve them,” says Kingsford.

Also, looking at your food triggers is another sustainable weight loss solution. In particular, do you eat when you’re bored, stressed, or happy? Do you have a habit of going out with your co-workers every Friday night? Do you automatically reach for a bag of cookies while watching your favorite TV show?

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