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Getting sentenced by her boyfriend for a medical abortion?

April 30, 2022 10:35 GMT+7

Vy had just finished school and worked for 3 months when she found out she was pregnant. She silently went to the hospital to take care of it, but her boyfriend Vy said that a medical abortion was inhumane.

Le Quynh Vy (character’s name has changed) works as a prenatal counselor at an English center and lives in Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. She comes in for a maternity check because her period is late, she’s tired, and Vy is tired and took a test. Pregnancy two lines higher. She worries that she wants an abortion because both she and her boyfriend are unstable, just graduated from school and not qualified to take care of the family.

The doctor advised Vy to have a medical abortion to be safer. After taking the medicine and leaving, Vy told her boyfriend. Her boyfriend considered taking the abortion pill inhumane and condemned Vy.

During the busy days of taking abortion pills and worrying about the abortion, Vy was also being judged by her boyfriend, which made her extremely tired and even decided to break up with her boyfriend.

From her boyfriend’s point of view, Vy is pregnant and needs to give birth. She doesn’t want that herself, because now that she’s returned to work after almost a year of sick leave, the job isn’t stable.

According to Master Dr. Ta Viet Cuong – deputy director of the Center for Reproductive Health Care at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital – he himself also encountered many questions from young people about whether medical abortion is safe. inhuman or not. Many young girls are depressed because they are very judgmental after having an abortion.

dr Cuong said many people believe that abortion is not a practice but a sin, and this scares many young people. There are even young people who take the drug and go home too scared to contact the doctor. Girlfriends obsess over the mistakes they make and influence their decisions, which in turn greatly affect the future.

according to dr Cuong, abortion is each person’s choice and they are the ones making the choice. Abortion requires careful consideration.

Being ethically judged by her boyfriend for secretly having an abortion
Reproductive Health Counseling at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

For example, your girlfriend is unmarried, has a lover, unexpectedly gets pregnant, it scares her a lot and you keep holding the baby, the baby keeps growing. Meanwhile, the boyfriend didn’t want to be dragged for a baby, so the two argued and left.

The girl was pregnant alone, the pregnancy made her almost unable to work, fell into depression because she did not know what to do, went home to her parents, she was afraid of being scolded by her parents, afraid of being scolded by her to become neighbors. despicable neighbors.

This friend kept giving birth in the boarding house, gave birth alone without anyone, gave birth to a friend who was really in a crisis, fell into depression because no one was taking care of her, worried about not knowing how she was taking care of should take care of her child.

The young mother who sacrificed her life due to depression, the newborn baby was born into a cycle of unhappiness with so many difficult things in life ahead.

The baby, who grows up with many misfortunes and difficulties, in the future can even become a dangerous criminal who takes the lives of others. So is your decision to have a baby just at the right time?

With an unmarried friend like Vy’s, Dr. Cuong that the two of you have decided to sit down together to find a solution that suits you best. In order to stay pregnant, a mountain of difficulties fell on both of them, with many schemes and schemes all going to be ruined. Neither of them want an abortion, but the current situation actually makes it more appropriate to be able to agree on a solution that works for both of them.

dr Cuong believes that young people can face the problem of unwanted pregnancy. At this time, do not hide from solving the problem, let’s tackle the problem together, find out carefully, listen to the thoughts of you and your lover to make a decision.


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