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Dangerous habits of many women when riding motorcycles

Motorcycle rearview mirrors just for… “beauty”

A lot of women have a pretty bad habit, which is to use and see the rear view mirror as something to… see and touch up their beauty while driving. This habit can unintentionally become dangerous at any time.

Cover the motorcycle with a raincoat

With this step, many women have unintentionally reduced the flexibility of the motorcycle head, which can lead to an accident, because the wet raincoat wraps tightly around the handlebars, and due to the stretchy raincoat, it also increases wind resistance. On the way.

Accelerate, brake hard

Many women have this habit when they participate in traffic. It not only affects the durability of the vehicle, but also poses potential safety risks when participating in road traffic.

Always keep your motorcycle headlights on

Coincidentally, a bit careless, but it can cause people walking in the opposite direction to be momentarily blinded, resulting in loss of vision and an accident.

Wear high heels

High heels are an essential accessory for women. However, for those who drive a digital car, it’s a disaster when the foot of the shoe gets stuck in the footrest and the car can’t be stopped or the brake pedal can’t be fully depressed.

dress too short

The skirt is too short, which makes many women uncomfortable when driving. Many people gently pull their skirts while driving, which distracts them and leads to an accident.

Carry your bag on your shoulder

Many women are in the habit of carrying a bag on their shoulder when riding a motorcycle. This is very dangerous because it is like “calling” on the thieves to act. Many accidents happen just because women subjectively put their bags on their shoulders while riding motorcycles, the crooks grab their bags and fall.

Subjective when carrying small children

As a woman, almost everyone often has to pick up their children or drive to school every day. However, many people do not use seat belts and separate seats for children, which makes it very easy to have an accident when the child falls asleep or has an unexpected situation.

phone while driving

Driving with one hand cannot be safe and secure with both hands. Not only men, but also women take to the streets if they have a phone, and many people still use it as usual while driving. Only unexpected situation occurs when the women are busy answering the phone or reading text messages which may cause an accident.

Use of unsuitable sunscreens

Sunscreen is now a must-have outfit for women when going out. Many women who wear solid sunscreen like “Ninja” drive very recklessly and cause many accidents to themselves and others.

Sunscreen is a very important outfit, especially on hot days, but using skirts, sunscreens with inappropriate long sleeves can accidentally create tangles and affect your mobility. of the wearer, which reduces the speed of reaction in the event of a serious accident of the vehicle or the very long summer clothes can get caught even when sitting on the back of the motorcycle.

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