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China’s Unique “0 Dong Train”

In today’s development era, we often travel by plane or train. China has a unique 0-dong train because… totally free, no need to buy tickets, young and old, boys and girls all can board the train, there is even a special compartment for small traders for sale. Food.

Train 0VND

This train only runs within Hunan Province, the whole journey has only 4 stops, the speed is so slow that people can jump on the bottom while the train is running.

The train runs from Sam Chau to Bach Thach Do in Nghi Chuong district, the journey takes more than 2 hours. But this blue train is different from the usual train, it has only 3 cars and includes the control car.

Although this train is completely free, onboard service is still adequate, security guards are always on hand to guide passengers and small businesses boarding and disembarking the train.

So why doesn’t the train sell tickets to guests?

There is information that originally this train was specialized in transporting workers who worked on the railway line. Then, because the traffic here was not convenient, the train was opened to the public free of charge from the 80s.

Because this area is quite far from the modern center and industrial areas, young people often go to other provinces to work, most of them are elderly people who stay.

Many people will think that the distance of the train is not too long, so if there is a fare collection, the value is not high. However, even a few silver coins are a big problem for small businessmen.

Open market on train 0 dong

People from all walks of life take this train, some go to work, visit friends, and some go to other places to go to the market, very similar to the bus type, only the journey is longer. The ship has not collected a toll for more than 30 years.

Small traders can bring agricultural products directly onto the ship for sale. They pack all sorts of agricultural products into large bamboo baskets and load the goods onto the train.

Passengers who see a food vendor can buy it and take it home. Later, the ship’s command allowed small traders to sell fresh fish, but live chickens and ducks were limited to a certain number because there were too many people in the compartment, which was difficult to manage while preventing the spread of disease from family to family. just.

Sitting on this train, passengers can hear the voices of conversations, the cries of small traders, the sound of bidding between sellers and buyers, giving a real market feeling, both interesting and strange.

In recent years, this 0-dong train suddenly became famous on social media and is one of the most sought-after places for domestic and international tourists. Discover China Travel. Many people come to visit, experience the smooth train ride, share the atmosphere of this special “market on the train”.

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