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Bomb attack on a mosque, 66 people died

AfghanistanAt least 66 people were killed in a large explosion at a mosque in Kabul on April 29, believed to have been a suicide bombing.

Besmullah Habib, deputy spokesman for the Afghan interior ministry, said the attack on the Khalifa Sahib Mosque west of the capital Kabul in the early afternoon, as worshipers gathered to pray for a congratulatory congregation. called Zikr.

Sayed Fazil Agha, the head of the mosque, said a person they believe to be a suicide bomber attended the prayer service and detonated explosives.

People flee the site of an explosion at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan on April 29.  Photo: AP.

People flee the site of an explosion at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan on April 29. Picture: AP.

“Black smoke rose and spread, bodies were everywhere,” Agha said, adding that his nephews were also among the dead. “I survived, but I lost loved ones.”

Witness Mohammad Sabir said he saw many injured being taken to ambulances. “The explosion was so loud I thought my eardrum was punctured,” he said.

According to a medical source, hospitals have received 66 bodies and 78 injured.

The United States and the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan condemned the attack. “There are no words strong enough to condemn this heinous act,” said Mette Knudsen, the UN Secretary-General’s deputy special envoy for Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also issued a statement condemning the attack and saying the perpetrators would be punished. It is unclear who is behind the incident.

Bomb attack on a mosque, 66 people died

An ambulance leaves the crime scene.

Many Afghan civilians have died in recent weeks in explosions caused in part by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia. The emergency hospital in the center of Kabul says it treated more than 100 patients injured in attacks in the capital in April alone. The latest attack happened on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

The Taliban say they have been working to protect the country since taking control of Afghanistan last August and have largely eliminated ISIS’s local offshoots, but international officials and analysts say the risk of conflict erupting remains consists.

Many attacks are aimed at the Shia minority, but Sunni mosques have also been targeted.

Vu Hoang (Corresponding Reuters)

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