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“Big company” uploads customer painting app, freelancers fear job loss

Last year, in the middle of a hot summer, the air conditioner failed and Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong’s family (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) searched everywhere for a technician. Due to the high season affected by the epidemic, it is difficult to find workers. Huong asked for help, but the cost was quite high.

Learning from experience, Ms. Huong contacted a unit earlier this summer to check, service and clean the air conditioner. What Ms. Huong assures is that this service can be ordered through the phone application or online from a professional entity. She doesn’t have to worry about inferior workers who lower prices when doing repairs. Ms. Huong said that this service also has a time option, so I can take the initiative in time.

According to an offer on the website, the unit price for cleaning wall-mounted air conditioner is VND200,000-250,000/unit, for ceiling-mounted air conditioner and floor standing is VND500,000/unit. The staff will clean the indoor unit and outdoor unit according to the technique and pump gas according to the process (if any).

For other incidental costs, customers need to bear additional costs. After placing the order, the staff contacted Ms. Huong 2 hours later and kept the timeliness according to the order. Ms. Huong can pay online or directly at home.

Mr. Tran Van Tuan (air-conditioning technician at an electrical appliance service unit) said that the number of air-conditioning maintenance orders increased sharply over the weekend. He’s just a craftsman working on existing orders. On average, Mr. Tuan cleans and maintains about 15-20 machines every day.

Many families have to service the air conditioner before the summer heat. According to Mr. Tuan, in the high season, when the maintenance needs of household electronics increase dozens of times, as usual. Every house now has about 2-3 machines, on average, each cleaning machine takes about 50 minutes. On weekends, he has to work from early morning to late at night to finish work.

When choosing an unreliable maintenance site, users may encounter such situations as: maintenance workers intentionally install loops of electrical wires and copper wires; incorrect status update; Change the poor quality power supply … increasing costs and affecting the operation of the equipment‘ Tuan said.

Compete with external workers

Just like today’s popular car ordering and grocery ordering app, air conditioning maintenance and repair services were developed by many entities to directly compete with outside labor. Since 2020, many units have tested this service and recently developed it significantly. Compared to the price, the companies offered are quite competitive and open. The app also displays the technician’s rating. Customers can rate the technician after the service is complete or report them to the company if necessary.

Service price list on some units

In addition, the application has a number of utilities such as schedule reminders, maintenance history management, etc. to make the following maintenance sessions more accurate. This function helps to limit the “broken and then fixed” situation, which extends the life of the machine and saves repair costs in the long term.

A representative from one supplier said users no longer encounter nuisance cases because workers are dissatisfied, needing to call other workers or get the homeowner to do extra services that aren’t necessary.

Some devices also have extended service packages such as “comprehensive maintenance”, “antibacterial and anti-mold” packages, or “bio-antibacterial” packages that use special filters. for killing allergens, bacteria, seasonal flu viruses with a period of 6 to 12 months. Specialized “cleaning grease”.

Mr. Do Anh Tuan, sales manager of a technology company, found that the air conditioner repair segment is a very small part of the electronics and home appliance repair system. This is a market with great potential for exploitation but is still open in Vietnam. With the explosion of technology, many units entering this field are putting outside repairs at risk of losing their jobs if not professional. The story that many motorcycle taxi drivers are left without job opportunities is a great lesson.

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