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Banks that “play big” reward their employees on the occasion of April 30th – May 1st

30 April 2022 13:20 GMT+7

Some banks issue more than 3 months salary…

As we noticed, from April 30 to May 1, some banks paid vacation pay with various bonuses calculated on the basis of a monthly salary or a certain bonus level.

In some internal forums and insider sharing, the V “green” bank transferred bonus funds to employees on April 29. In concrete terms, every employee of this bank is entitled to a bonus of up to 3.5 months’ salary before vacation. It is known that the average monthly salary of an employee of this bank is among the highest in the system.

Bank B. also pays on vacation if the bonus for each employee is 1.5 months’ salary. The average income of each employee of this organization will reach almost 28.3 million VND/person/month in 2021.

S. Bank also “played big” when the bank decided to reward 12 million VND/employee. This is the “desired” bonus for many places.

Another bank, whose name begins with the letter “M”, maintains the bonus policy for employees during the holidays from April 30 to May 1, as every year. For employees who have worked more than 1 year, the bank pays a bonus of 5 million / person, the bonus level of 3 million applies to employees who have worked less than 1 year.

Similarly, this afternoon we also received information, another bank M pays 5 million VND for official employees, for employees who are in the probationary period, the bonus is 2 million / person.

In the first quarter of this year, most banks reported positive business results with double-digit growth, and a few were even able to increase their profits at times. As a result, bank employees enjoy better earnings and benefits. Like LienVietPostBank, she just increased the salary of all employees by 10%.

However, not all bank employees are happy and satisfied with such bonuses, as we discovered, some banks do not have bonuses for employees on this occasion.

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