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An elderly mother locked her son in the house for over 10 years, the cause is a tearful choking boy

Saturday, April 30, 2022 14:00 (GMT+7)

No one loves a child like a parent, but for the mother below, having to lock her child indoors is both her love and pain.

The old mother locked her son in the house for more than 10 years, behind the cause was a choking tear - 1

Wang Zhiqiang

Wang Zhiqiang, 41 years old, lives in Xuanhua Area, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, China, was born deaf and mute. Although he couldn’t hear, Wang was quite intelligent from a young age, so his mother, Yue Rong, sent him to a boarding school for children in need of special care.

However, during his school days, Wang was often mocked and teased by his friends, which caused him to gradually develop mental health problems.

According to the Mirror, his mental condition is worsening due to poor mother, no money to treat Wang.

“The boy could no longer go to school and at home his condition worsened. He also gradually attacked other people in the village,” said Ms. Yue Rong, 77 years old.

“When my husband was alive, he could take care of it. But since the day he died 12 years ago, I couldn’t take care of it on my own. I had no choice but to chain him up. in the room, it’s been more than 10 years,” said the mother.

An elderly mother locked her son in her home for over 10 years, the cause was a choked tear - 2

The old and frail mother cried many times upon seeing her son’s thin, scratched hands as he was chained for more than a decade.

A clip shared online shows the frail elderly mother bursting into tears upon seeing the wounds on her son’s handcuffed hands.

She said: “I wish I was chained and he was free like a normal person. He didn’t have a day to live fully as a normal person.”

The village head said, “As a boy, he was very intelligent even though he was deaf and dumb. When he came back from school with mental health issues, he became a completely different person.”

The old mother locked her son in the house for over 10 years, behind it was a choked tear - 3

The elderly mother was forced to lock her son in the house for more than 10 years.

The village head said that the local government could only help family with a monthly allowance. However, he hopes that benefactors can support the family so that they can send the man to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

The love of parents for their children knows no bounds

Parents’ love for their children is a natural feeling. All of the ways parents show affection give children an absolute sense of security.

This is the most important attitude that makes children feel safe and understand that their parents will always love them, wherever they are, no matter what.

A child who feels their parents’ unconditional love will believe in their parents and especially in themselves. What are the most important factors that influence people in the process of growing up? In contrast, children who grow up without love often feel insecure and sometimes hurt when they talk about their families.

Parents who grow up, educate and educate their children to grow up, always want their children to be full, full of happiness, even if they have to suffer many disadvantages, still give their children the best without wishing them. gonna get it back

When we were young, under the protection and supervision of our parents, we often wanted to grow up quickly to be able to interact freely with the outside world. But until we realize that the dream world is not as beautiful as we once imagined. Because in the crowded society, there is “no free meal” for us other than our parents’ meals.

Research in the journal Social Science and Medicine shows that the warmth of a parent’s love has far-reaching implications for children’s growth and success later in life.

This association on dimensions (such as happiness, positive relationships, and self-acceptance) was greater than on other dimensions (such as having children), but in general almost all have a positive effect.

Research shows the important role of love in the well-being of society. “Love” means different things to different people, in many theological texts love is understood as a desire and/or obligation to give love between people. . In childhood, children should learn to love their surroundings and show this love throughout their lives, which is a great source of strength for building a prosperous society.

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