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Amber Heard rolled her eyes and played with her nails when doctors diagnosed her with 2 mental disorders

The 9th defamation trial of actor Johnny Depp took place on April 26 and became the focus of public controversy thereafter Forensic and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Shannon Curry suddenly published diagnostic information about belongs to amber. Accordingly, Amber Heard has evidence of 2 mental disorders: Borderline Personality Disorder and Dramatic Personality Disorder.

It’s worth noting recently that the clip clearly records Amber Heard’s attitude while listening to Shannon The diagnosis of his own illness caused a stir among the public. If the doctor shannon Analyzing Amber’s expressions of hostility, anger, and propensity to blame when suffering from two disorders, the actress consistently displayed her attitude, from pursing her mouth, rolling her eyes to resting on her chin, smiling, and finally. like playing with your fingernails. This video has received more than 2 million views on Twitter and quickly became a hot topic on Facebook and Instagram.

Fever clip: Amber Heard’s attitude as she was diagnosed with two mental disorders at trial

Amber Heard when she was Dr. Shannon listened as she talked about her illness: closed mouth, propped chin, rolled eyes and fiddling with her fingernails

        - Photo 4.

First, Amber Heard lost focus when Shannon opened up about two mental disorders

        - Photo 5.

After that, the Aquaman actress started moving her chin on her chin and pretended not to care

        - Photo 6.

Amber smiled slightly and rolled her eyes in boredom as she heard the doctor talking about her unstable expression

        - Photo 7.

After less than a minute, Amber Heard switched to playing with her nails

        - Photo 8.

1 person retweeted a clip capturing the moment Amber Heard showed her attitude and after a few days received 2.1 million views, 47.4 thousand likes and nearly 4 thousand retweets on Twitter.

dr Shannon claims that the symptoms of both of these disorders can lead to instances where individuals perceive themselves as “victims” or “princesses” and distort the true story to make it wrong.

        - Photo 9.

Currently, Amber Heard is said to be vulnerable to her ex-husband’s series of evidence

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