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“A lot of people still won’t let go of me”

April, 30th, QQ News from the Twitter account of Trinh Sang uploaded a recording file to share her heart after leaving showbiz for a year over a major privacy scandal. The actress hopes the media will stop covering the scandal while also asking the audience to stop the act of cyber violence against her.

“After last year’s event, a lot of people stomped on me and attacked me. So far they have no intention of letting go of me. Why is that. i’m really tired Please stop taking risks immediately. my name, pretends to be my fan to steal my privacy, commit online violence and fabricate stories that tarnish my honor,” Trinh Sang said.

Trinh Sang later fell in love with him 1

Trinh Sang said he accepted that he could not return to the Chinese entertainment industry. Picture: sina

According to Trinh Sang, she accepts the fact that she has no chance of returning to Chinese showbiz. In a recent post, the female star said she has regained her spirit after the shock of losing her career. “For the sake of a woman’s dignity and dignity, I will rise where I fell,” she said.

The artist wants to start a normal life like everyone else. She strives for peace, finds a new support so that she can trust others and open her heart. show star Let’s look at the meteor shower live in the US to avoid public opinion and be close to two young children.

Trinh Sang (born 1991) is a popular actress in China with films such as Let’s watch the meteor shower, I love you at first sight, The summer solstice hasn’t come yet.

In 2021, she was ostracized by billions of people in the entertainment world after she became embroiled in a tax evasion scandal and abandoned her twin. Trinh Sang repeatedly expressed regret and wished for the opportunity to repeat his career, but was not accepted.

Corresponding sinaThe actress has no plans to return to the entertainment industry. She has been classified as an artist with a lack of dignity and a disregard for the law. In February, China’s National Administration of Broadcasting and Broadcasting (NRTA) issued stricter management guidelines for artists, declaring that illegal and unscrupulous artists are banned from appearing on television. Amount.

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