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A family of 5 bears hibernates under a house

AmericaA family in California discovered they shared a home with five bears, including a female and four cubs.

The mother bear wakes up from hibernation.  Photo: BEAR League

The mother bear wakes up from hibernation. Picture: Bear League

The bears recently appeared under the home in Lake Tahoe, California, where they slept through the winter. BEAR League, a volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and rescuing bears, described the process of rescuing the bear family on Facebook on April 19. BEAR League said that the mother bear has 3 cubs aged 9 months and adopted an orphaned bear of the same age. Before winter started last year, the family of five found an opening under the house and decided to winter there.

During the winter, residents of the home heard a strange rumble and snoring on the floor, but were unable to determine the source of the noise until the bear family woke up and got ready to leave. Go. They quickly called the BEAR League for help. That’s when the organization’s volunteers discovered that there were many bears under the house, said Ann Bryant, executive director of the BEAR League.

When they arrived, the group of volunteers entered the opening and made a lot of noise to urge the bear family to leave. They are trained to handle such encounters safely. BEAR League volunteers are regularly asked to help homeowners who have moved in during the winter. “The mother bear went out and called her cubs. They came out one after the other,” Bryant said.

There are three bear species native to North America, but the bear in Tahoe is the black bear (Ursus americanus), the only wild bear species in California. The California Fish and Wildlife Service states that there are between 25,000 and 35,000 bears in the state. Black bears can weigh up to 500 pounds in summer. According to the California Conservation Society, they spend nearly 20 hours a day eating large amounts of seeds, fruits, insects, and small mammals to store energy for the winter.

According to the North American Bear Center, a bear and wildlife education facility in Ely, Minnesota, black bears begin foraging or building dark and warm dens in September through October. They usually forage for food in rock crevices. , burrows and hollow tree cavities, or in some cases openings under houses. After entering the den, the bear prepares for hibernation. Her body temperature drops and her heart rate also drops from 80-100 beats/min to 50-60 beats/min. Black bears hibernate for several months before reappearing in spring. Authorities are advising Lake Tahoe residents and visitors to seal openings in their homes to prevent bears from entering.

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