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3 years of berating my wife for “useless parasites” makes me shiver when I see what my wife left on the pillow

My 10 day streak of nightmares began this Saturday morning. I woke up and my wife was nowhere to be found. There was only a note on her pillow that her wife had gone away, I don’t look, 10 days later she will definitely come back and explain everything.

When my mother found out about it, she immediately turned pale. I don’t understand what’s wrong with the wife leaving the house and the kids leaving? But we couldn’t find her so we had to wait for her to come back and ask. During this time, my mother and I had to take care of the household.

Two little kids are naughty, naughty, I can’t take care of them by myself, I have to feed them, sleep, bathe, walk, all sorts of problems. My mother was cooking and cleaning and helping me take care of my grandchildren. At the end of the weekend I went to work, she was home alone, one day she whispered that she couldn’t take it.

3 years of swearing at my wife

I don’t understand what’s wrong with the wife leaving the house and the kids leaving? (Illustration)

Then we had to hire a maid to help her. In general, the house is in a mess and is not going anywhere. Even after trying to wait 10 days, I thought I would be exhausted, when I saw my wife’s figure appear at the gate, I breathed a sigh of relief.

When I learned that my wife had left her husband and children at home alone to comfort her, I was so angry my liver was purple. How can she be so irresponsible! When asked about my husband and mother-in-law, my wife only smiled weakly:

“If I’m useless and can’t be of any use, why am I making people so uncomfortable when I’m not home? I thought everyone would be happier if I didn’t see me? But it seems I just walked away. The house is trashed, isn’t it? Losing a useless person has such a big impact?”.

I froze, unable to answer. My wife gave birth to two children in a row so she has been home for 3 years now. She doesn’t earn any money, I take care of the whole family on my own.

My mother loved the hard work of her son who was keen to raise his wife and children, so she intended to blame her daughter-in-law for not helping her husband in economic aspects. Usually, when I go to work, my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law often fight or argue at home.

In fact, my mom just said a few “useless parasites.” I don’t think it’s a big deal, she’s a daughter-in-law, just back off. Also, I see that my mother is right, I support the whole family, she doesn’t earn a dime, that’s the plain truth.

3 years of swearing at my wife

My wife really gave me a chance to open my eyes. (Illustration)

She must have been too young before, so she couldn’t get up. Now that our second baby is weaned, the wife is determined to teach her husband’s family a lesson. Usually she always scolds that she can’t do anything, but when my wife is not at home, my mother and I know how heavy the workload is. Two small children serving their needs was enough to exhaust the whole day. Not to mention cleaning, house, three meals a day, laundry, and all sorts of unnamed jobs.

After a few days I was too tired to find a maid so I had to gasp in fear. There is no maid to take care of the two children, the household and the food. The workload is too great, the salary too high, they can’t do it. And if you hire a maid, the salary is already six, seven million.

Actually, my wife gave me a chance to open my eyes to remember the scene in the dark to take care of children, rice and water, but I’m still shaking with fear. My mother is also very afraid of her daughter-in-law, from now on we will never dare to say that she is a useless parasite, even if the woman has not returned to work.

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