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3 TWICE members have the most stylish summer style in the group

Kpop idols are generally well dressed and leading the trend, and TWICE girls are no exception. However, there are still a few members of the group who stand out much more by wearing stylish clothes, both showing their own personality and being fashionable and making people follow them immediately. The members have the best summer style TWICE is Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Momo. Check out their sets, you’ll find great ways to rejuvenate your style.


When it comes to TWICE for the member with the prettiest everyday style, Nayeon “surely” gets 1st place. Not only does it stand out because of its elegant and trendy winter style, Nayeon’s summer style is also great. impressive.

Nayeon isn’t too picky when it comes to choosing summer clothes. Basic items like white t-shirt, wide leg pants, baby floral skirt, jeans… are her true love. Even when wearing a dress, Nayeon only chooses designs with elegant colors and soft mini patterns for a sophisticated look. In other basic clothing styles, idols often dress in very familiar ways, combining a t-shirt with jeans, a crop top with baggy pants, or a blouse that pinches the waist + flared jeans to create unique looks. Stylish, elegant outfit.


Although she is only 1.62 m tall, Momo always gives the impression that she is 1.70 m tall thanks to her normal body proportions and her ability to combine clothes well. Momo’s summer style is quite diverse, but often tends to be too liberal.

She has some very stylish looks like a square neck crop top with puff sleeves wide-leg trousers.


Chaeyoung is the smallest member of the TWICE group, but she is no less than the other members of the group when it comes to clothing. Chaeyoung’s summer style is characterized by her personality mixed with sweetness and youth. Not limited to style in neutral clothing, she always has a variety of outfit colors.

Some of Chaeyoung’s outstanding but still delicate outfits can be mentioned, such as purple t-shirt + straight-leg jeans, floral skirt with shades of blue as the main color, or pastel shirt + shorts. Chaeyoung loves the typical summer shoe style, namely the sandal. Look at their outfits, you know sandals Can be combined with any type of outfit is standard without adjustment.

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