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3 Of Russia’s Most Fearsome Weapons Of Destruction That Have Never Been At War

1. “Father of Bombs”

In April 2017, the US Air Force dropped a GBU-43 bomb dubbed the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) to destroy Islamic State (IS) militants hiding in caves. in the mountains of Nangahar in eastern Afghanistan. This is the most powerful conventional bomb in the US arsenal.

Russia's 3 most feared weapons of destruction have never been at war - Photo 1.

“Father of Bombs” (FOAB).

Russia also has a similar bomb, but four times more powerful than the US MOAB super bomb, with a destructive power equivalent to about 40 tons of TNT. This so-called “father of all bombs” (FOAB) has twice the damage range of the MOAB.

The FOAB bomb has great destructive power thanks to the use of thermobaric technology. This technology uses the air around the blast center to trigger a reaction that ignites the fuel rather than injecting an oxidizer into the bomb. With no more oxidizers to fill, the bomb has more room to store more explosives, creating a super-powerful, super-heated shockwave that can vaporize anything around the center of the blast.

The FAOB bomb has a two-stage detonation mechanism. First, a special small igniter is activated, which disperses the combustible fuel in a cloud shape to mix with the air. Then a special explosive block weighing more than 7 tons is activated, which ignites almost all the surrounding air, creating a large ball of fire and a powerful shock wave that destroys the target.

Unlike MOAB bombs, FOAB bombs have only been tested by Russia but not used on the battlefield, so their actual destructive power is still a topic of controversy.

2. Sarmat . ICBM ballistic missile

Russia's 3 most feared weapons of destruction never went to war - Photo 2.

Russia’s Satan ICBM. Photo: Wikicommons.

The RS-20V Voevoda intercontinental ballistic missile (NATO designation SS-18 Satan) was once considered the largest and most feared strategic missile in the world. Weighing almost 210 tons, Satan can carry 10 nuclear warheads with a yield of 750 kilotons.

However, Russia has planned to replace Satan with the Sarmat strategic intercontinental ballistic missile and enter full service at the end of the START III treaty in 2021.

Sarmat is twice lighter than Satan but can carry up to 17 independent nuclear warheads, each with a yield of 300 kilotons. In addition, these warheads do not use the usual parabolic trajectory, instead using an independent guidance system to attack many different targets. They can redirect when re-entering to avoid being intercepted by enemy missiles.

3. Terminator armor

The armored BMPT Terminator (Terminator) was researched and developed by Russia after the first Chechen war, when the Russian army suffered heavy losses of both people and vehicles from the decisive resistance. of the Separatist rebels. The reason for these losses is considered to be the Russian army’s lack of an effective weapon against infantry.

Russia's 3 most feared weapons of destruction have never been at war - photo 3.

Armored BMPT Terminator.

Built with the aim of “sweeping” enemy infantry’s fortified bases in all combat environments, the BMPT is equipped with a powerful and diverse weapon system.

The BMPT turret is equipped with 2 double-barreled 2A42 30mm automatic cannons (850 rounds) with a rate of fire of up to 200 rounds per minute, capable of firing many different types of ammunition.

Alongside the two main guns are 4 Ataka-T remote-controlled anti-tank missile launchers capable of firing a variety of warheads, including HEAT shells, to destroy targets with explosive reactive armor. Thanks to the use of a variety of warheads, the BMPT should be able to destroy all types of tanks, fortified positions, as well as low-flying enemy helicopters.

In addition, BMPT also possesses 2 AG-17D grenade launchers (600 rounds) and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun that can sweep extremely powerfully to destroy infantry hiding in fortified fortifications.

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