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10 years later she is rich and talented, famous all over the world

When you think of Lady Gaga, you immediately think of an eccentric but extremely talented singer. The music career of the singer, who was born in 1986, is filled with impressive hits such as: “Bad Romance”, “Born this way”, “Shallow”,… Not only has she “grown up” musically, Lady Gaga has also sublime acting.

She started acting in 2013 and shone in A Star Is Born (2018). In 2019, Lady Gaga received two Oscar nominations for Best Actress and Best Original Song (for the song “Shallow”) for her performance in the film A Star is Born.

Accordingly, Lady Gaga won the Oscar for Best Soundtrack. Lady Gaga previously clinched a smashing win at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards with the role of Ally in A Star is Born. She recently showcased her talent again with House of Gucci.

So talented, but few know that Lady Gaga had an extremely turbulent school life. She was severely bullied by her classmates and even created a Facebook group to say bad things.

The student was bullied terribly because she was fat, had a big nose, her classmates created a whole Facebook group to say bad things: 10 years later she became rich and good, famous all over the world - photo 1.

Lady Gaga – Victim of school violence

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. As a teenager, Gaga was educated alongside her younger sister at Sacred Heart Monastery in the United States. These days are really a nightmare for young Stefani. Because of her different appearance, she is often bullied by her friends.

In an interview, Lady Gaga once shared: “Back then my nose was very big, my hair was brown, I cut it very short and I was fat. I got laughed at for that. I was often harassed, I felt bad. I’m so unhappy I don’t even want to go to school anymore.”

The singer was also bullied for following Evita’s bold eyebrows and sunbathing. “Why the hell are you so orange, why do you dye your hair like that to go to school, is that how you get to school?” a classmate asked Lady Gaga.

Not only that, Lady Gaga was also bullied during the initial period of singing by some of her college friends who formed a Facebook group to smear and ridicule her.

The student was bullied terribly because she was fat, her nose was big, her classmates created a whole Facebook group and said nasty things: 10 years later she was rich and good, famous all over the world - photo 2.

Facebook group created to defame Lady Gaga.

Lauren Bohn, a freshman college student in the US, once started a Facebook group called “Stefani Germanotta, you’ll never be famous.” This student tells:

“When I was a freshman at New York University and Facebook was only a year old, a lot of users created or joined silly Facebook groups. But what caught my attention more was a group called “Stefani Germanotta, You’ll Never Be Famous” with a picture of a young student who looks like Norah Jones.

At the time, she sang and played the piano in local bars. Within this group, people tried to humiliate her with the harshest of words. I remember there was a post with a picture of a guy holding up a poster for their upcoming gig at a local bar and stomping it on the floor.

But then I quickly forgot about this group and also about the main character. About five years later, on the train from New York to Philadelphia, I read an artist biography of Lady Gaga in New York Magazine. Still dozing off, I read the second paragraph of the article, which said:

“Before meeting, I thought that any artist whose stage name is Lady (her real name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta) must be a very confident woman.” I was surprised and exclaimed, “Really, LADY GAGA IS GERMANOTTA? THAT STEFANI IS LADY GAGA?”.

I had to order a cocktail to calm myself and not be ashamed of my failure.

It was the girl whose poster was once trampled on by someone else, a girl who used to live near my dorm. But these feelings quickly dissipated, leaving me with contemplation. Meditate on things that happen in our daily life. There will always be a time when things we thought we had forgotten will reappear before our eyes, no matter how.

Stefanie, thank you. Thank you for always thinking of a star and making the light that has always accompanied you brighter than before. Man, that’s a model worth pursuing.”

The story of student Stefani Germanotta – Lady Gaga star has inspired millions of people, especially victims of school violence. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger — that’s the case with Lady Gaga.

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