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10 atypical actions that will make you lose points in restaurants

Keep taking photos until you’ve posted a “virtual live” photo on social media

Perhaps one of the things restaurant workers see most these days is people trying to get the perfect photo to post on Instagram or Facebook. Many customers don’t mind stepping on chairs, climbing on tables to take 7,749 photos from different angles, moving groceries from one place to another for better lighting, or ordering a meal for a good photo. and then don’t eat. You can take a photo or two to save yourself the memory and remind yourself that you are there to enjoy the food and not to “live virtually”.

Order too much food

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It’s understandable that there are leftovers on the table, but do your best to order only what you need and if there’s any leftover food, take it home.

“It’s a waste of time, money and food when customers order too many dishes,” says Stephanie Stiavetti, Founder and Executive Chef at Fearless Fresh. It is better to call a moderate number and call more later if needed. Chefs can become obsessed with the plates that food is served on. Not only is it a waste, but many chefs are going through a crisis of confidence when so many dishes are left over.”

Touch the waiter

Stiavetti said: “I’ve seen people behave in an unusual way towards restaurant employees and I’ve always found that confusing. Treat them with the utmost courtesy.”

Remember that even a light touch on an employee’s arm can cause reflexes and spatter, especially when carrying heavy loads.

Obsessed with the phone, service staff ignores it

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The fact that you only focus on your phone affects not only the people in the restaurant, but also the work of the waiters. Don’t keep the staff waiting, you’re wasting time because you’re so busy watching the phone that you forget to order.

Fall in love with the conversation as soon as you sit down

Restaurants can be a great place for you and your co-workers, friends and loved ones to have a friendly chat, but do so after you’ve ordered. Otherwise, this can lead to situations like “Oh, we forgot to look at the menu! Can you come back in 5-10 minutes?”… This not only delays the service but also causes inconvenience to others. If there’s something you need to jump into immediately, make sure you complete the order quickly.

In the meantime impatient

At many popular restaurants or on public holidays and weekends, waiting is commonplace. However, many people are very impatient when waiting for a table or food and drink.

Remember that waiters or chefs are human too and don’t have 3 heads and 6 arms. They work to ensure each of their guests receives the same level of care and service, so please be patient and understanding. Work with them and you will get the best service.

Take your anger out on the waiter

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Maybe your food was cold that day, the waiter got it wrong, the table next to you was too noisy, or you were really having a really bad day at work. Whatever the reason for your bad mood, don’t take it out on the waitress.

Often the true cause of the problem is beyond their control. If the problem is restaurant related, politely ask them to fix it and if the waiters cannot help you, they should ask the manager to come to you. On other personal matters, don’t make your bad day everyone’s bad day.

Book one place, go to another

You reserve a table for 4 people and show up with 8 people. They think this shouldn’t be a problem, but it can really affect the restaurant’s ability to provide good service. You have to find the right seat, which can add to the wait time and spoil the dining experience.

too drunk

What do you think when you go to a restaurant to eat and the next table is a person who is too drunk, constantly making noise and talking so loud that the whole restaurant can hear?

Getting too drunk is not only disrespectful to those around you, it can also lead to unnecessary fights.

“Roots” at the table

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Part of eating involves using the table and the space there, but it’s by no means unlimited. Andrew Miller, Founder of Good Fortune said: “Be aware of other people who may be waiting for your table, especially during busy times. How will you feel when you arrive on time but your table isn’t ready and the reason is someone “rooted” refuses to leave?

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