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1 kind of tonic fish like ginseng, women eat beautiful skin, internal organs

A strengthening fish like ginseng, the vitamin content is 3-4 times higher than that of carp

Physician Ly Thoi Tran’s book Manuscript outline states that: cockroach fish The sweet taste is average, has the effect of strengthening blood, yang, clarifying heat. Sea bream, in particular, crosses ginseng underwater, so there is a saying “There are doves in the sky, there are snails in the water”.

The species of fish considered by Eastern medicine to be

It contains a lot of protein, fat, vitamins, niacin, iron, phosphorus, calcium… In particular, the percentage of calcium in carp is 6 times higher than that of carp, and the content of vitamin B1 is 3-4 times higher than that of carp. .

Sardines are very suitable for women, people with frail health, night sweats, people with acute hepatitis, people with impotence, hemorrhoids, itchy skin wounds. The main way to treat disease and nourish the body is in the form of food – medicine.

Benefits of eating fish for women

1. Supplement blood and iron

Locust is rich in protein and trace element iron, very beneficial for anemia patients. In particular, women during menstruation can eat very well because they are supplemented with blood.

2. Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory

A kind of unsaturated fatty acid contained in acacia can fight the aging process of blood vessels and is very beneficial for the female body.

The species of fish is considered by oriental medicine to be

3. Reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver

Chickweed also has miraculous effects by helping to stay awake and reducing the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver. People who drink alcohol should eat a lot.

4. Adjuvant treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis

Sardines have an obvious effect on reducing jaundice, especially in acute hepatitis. It also has a significant effect on restoring liver function.

5. Good for the heart

Loch is low in fat and cholesterol, is a high-protein and low-fat food, which is very beneficial for the human body to fight blood vessel aging, so it is very beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases.

The species of fish is considered by oriental medicine to be

6. Promotes bone health

Grasshopper is rich in the trace elements calcium and phosphorus. Regular consumption of locust can prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis. Cooking calamari in soup can absorb calcium better.

7. Prevention of atherosclerosis

The flesh of the fish is low in fat, low in cholesterol and contains a kind of unsaturated fatty acid similar to glycosylic acid, which is an important anti-hardening agent in humans and can prevent arteriosclerosis. efficient circuit.

What Foods Do Big Fish Eat With?

1. Shellfish and Cucumber: Inhibits digestion

Eating locusts and cucumbers together is detrimental to digestion and absorption of nutrients, so the two should not be eaten together.

2. Shellfish, crabs: poisoning

The medical god Ly Thoi Tran wrote the following in the book Manufacture of the Cuong Mui: Chach has a sweet taste, is non-toxic, can warm the center of the stomach, is useful for flatulence, cures thirst, and regulates yang. Chick is warm, but crab’s medicinal property is cold. In contrast, when combined, it will cause digestive damage, even poisoning.

The species of fish is considered by oriental medicine to be

3. Sea bream and chrysanthemum: effects on digestion and absorption

Do not eat fish with chrysanthemums or drink chrysanthemum tea, otherwise it will reduce the nutritional value, affect the digestion and absorption process, and will not be good for health.

4. Shellfish and dog meat

Salmon has the function of tonic gas, except moisture, alcohol. Do not eat with dog meat, otherwise it is easy to become deficient in yin and fire.

Important information about the consumption of fish

1. Lizards live in the mud, very easily infected with parasites, so you should not eat raw locusts, you should eat boiled locusts to avoid parasite infection.

2. Do not eat locusts overnight as they produce many harmful substances for the body. so-thieu-maura-cho-thay-phai-mua-ngay-20220429185552523.chn

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