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“Throw” inspection results on procurement of medical equipment and consumables

On April 29, Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee Chairman Cao Tien Dung just signed an inspection conclusion on the procurement of equipment, consumables, biological products, test kits, vaccines and medicines for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic at the Ministry of Health. Dong Nai Health and a number of units and hospitals in the area.

Dong Nai: Tung completes inspection of procurement of medical equipment and consumables - Photo 1.

Dong Nai basically did the right thing by buying Covid-19 test kits and medical equipment. Photo: Tue Man

According to the inspection result, in 2020 and 2021, the Dong Nai Ministry of Health, the Dong Nai Center for Disease Control (CDC) and medical examination and treatment institutions have advised and organized the implementation of prevention and control measures. Epidemic throughout Dong Nai province.

Regarding the purchase of test kits and biological products from Viet A Joint Stock Company in 2020, there are 3 entities including: CDC Dong Nai with 4 bid packages worth more than VND1.8 billion, General Hospital Thong Nhat with 3 bid packages valued at more than VND1.2 billion, Dong Nai General Hospital with 1 bid package valued at VND102 million. The purchase price is 509,250 VND/test, 470,000 VND/test. The total payment value is more than VND 3.1 billion.

These packages of offers were collected from the relevant units by the Investigative Police Department and the Dong Nai Provincial Police Department, so the inspection team did not conduct any verification, only requesting information. The results of the inspection and procurement of medical equipment, consumables and biological products for disease prevention and control are mainly in the form of ordering contractors.

In general, units essentially followed the correct sequence and prescribed procedures. In particular, for Dong Nai Ministry of Health to approve the shopping list of mobile X-ray equipment with configuration for Thong Nhat General Hospital and Long Thanh General Hospital without considering similar items with similar equipment. required to carry out the selection of procurement options.

Dong Nai: Tung completes inspection of procurement of medical equipment and consumables - Photo 2.

The purchase of medical equipment according to the process, the 3 main units are all good. Photo: Tue Man

For Dong Nai CDC, the volume in 3 procurement packages of chemicals and biological products for SARS-CoV-2 epidemic prevention and control testing was small, reaching only 33%-60% of the estimate, affecting the allocation of resources. provincial disease control.

Especially in some hospitals, the inspection conclusion also found that there were some errors in the tendering process for equipment procurement, such as: B. Non-disclosure of the results of contractor selection, procurement plans and the results of the procurement process. contractor selection; Divide the quantity of goods to 2 contractors for naming contractors; Buying 10% more than the approved contractor selection plan…

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