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The teacher teaches 4 shifts/day, earns a lot of money with the preschool classes

At around 10:00 pm, Ms. Pham Thi Nhung (35 years old), a teacher at a private elementary school in Ha Dong District, Hanoi, was able to rest and have dinner. On weekends she teaches non-stop from 8:30am to 9:30pm to finish 4 preschool classes – 1 morning class, 2 afternoon classes and 1 evening class.

The 2021-2022 school year is severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, preschoolers have 11 consecutive months off. The disruption to schooling has parents worried their children will lack basic skills ahead of September’s first graders. For this reason, parents are massively enrolling their children in preschool classes this year, more than in previous years.

The teacher teaches 4 shifts/day, earns a lot of money with the preschool class - 1

Teachers at the Hanoi Academy bilingual kindergarten teach preschool classes for 5-year-old children. (Graphic: HAT)

Ms. Nhung will teach 12 preschool lessons per week, divided into 4 classes. Each class has 3 sessions. She arranges class time on weekday evenings and Saturday and Sunday all day. On average, each class has 5 to 10 students. The tuition fee is 1.5 million VND/class/session.

“Preschool classes cannot teach as many students as older classes. I have to teach each child letters while holding hands, writing neat articles and sitting postures. Each shift is about 2 hours, spinning like a pinwheel just enough to meticulously guide each student.” said the 35-year-old teacher.

She not only teaches children to recognize letters and numbers, practice spelling and writing, but also how to hold a pen, blackboard and chalk; how to write on the board and practice self-discipline and focus while studying. “These skills should have been forged in preschool, but the long break puts the kids at a disadvantage.” said Ms. Nhung.

Similarly, Ms. Tran Thi Oanh, a teacher at Nguyen Khuyen Primary School (Hanoi), organizes 4 pre-school classes with almost 70 children. Lessons last about 2 hours, average 150,000 VND/student. Each course lasts only 20 sessions.

As in the previous school years, preschool children can go straight to school, if they complete the standard preschool level program, the children will have basic knowledge of face recognition, letters and numbers, enough to easily enter 1st grade. have to attend pre-school classes. However, last school year, preschoolers only had 2 months to go to school, the rest stayed at home to avoid the epidemic, so they almost didn’t have enough basic knowledge. Meanwhile, the children in the 1st grade have to get used to the new environment and knowledge. Without the basic root, it would be difficult to keep up. So it is understandable that parents need to invest and prepare carefully before their children enter this important transitional period.

“Normally, private elementary schools organize pre-school courses, and parents often register their children before the start of the new school year. There is no such course in the public sector.” She said and said that the preschool classes are only 1-2 months, she doesn’t teach a first grade program.

The teacher teaches 4 shifts/day, earns a lot of money with the preschool class - 2

Information for parents to find preschool classes for their children on many social networking forums.

Nowadays, finding preschool classes is of great interest to parents. On social network forums, many parents asked questions about centers and classes, as well as requests to find teachers for classes in the first grade.. Under the comments section, a range of information about the teachers’ classroom is shared by everyone. Most parents share the same fear that their children will lack confidence compared to their peers by the time they enter 1st grade due to a lot of homeschooling over the last year.

Baby Shrimp from Le Thi Thu Hien (37 years old, Ba Dinh, Hanoi) had to stay at home for the last two years. Ms. Hien said that at that time, teachers at school should have taught children to recognize letters and numbers. Parents are busy and lack expertise, so they cannot provide tutoring, which stalls their children’s learning. She was concerned that little Clay had a hard time following her when she got to 1st grade. After many days of thought, the couple decided to find a preschool class for their child.

In the parent group, many people share their experiences in preschool classes, the lowest price is about 100,000 VND/student, the highest is 300,000 VND/student. Hien invited a few more friends over so their children could study. She opened classes at home, invited teachers to teach, both to ensure epidemic safety and to save time to pick up and drop off her children every day.

Tom’s lesson schedule starts from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, 3 sessions per week, expected to end August. The teacher teaches the children how to hold a pen correctly, master the alphabet, rhyme and read. spell, read fluently; Familiarize yourself with simple numbers and addition and subtraction.

At the request of the parent group, the teacher trained other skills such as sitting posture, manners, concentration, teamwork, communication and self-directed learning… After the first month of First, she is gradually calming down and ready to prepare her son for the first grade in the next school year. She also plans to have her children learn English at the center.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai Lam, a teacher at Minh Quang Elementary School (Vinh Phuc), said the transition from a game environment that recognizes letters and numbers to serious learning in elementary school takes time. enough transition to fully prepare for learning. Therefore, preschool classes are really needed.

“In my opinion, children only need about a month to get used to the preschool class before they get into 1st grade, but it is not necessary to study for a long time. It is advisable for children to get used to and adapt to changes in different environments, but they should not be overdone in order to put pressure on children.”She said.

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