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The Southeast Asian team played a fun game, Indonesia’s X-Factor faced ‘humiliation’ at the SEA Games

With a view to the 31st SEA Games Championship, the Indonesian Football Association has found a way to sack Sabah Club (Malaysia) Saddil Ramdani. Although an agreement has been reached for Saddil Ramdani to join the army with U23 Indonesia, the number of games this player can play at the 31st SEA Games will be limited.

Specifically, the Sabah Club announced on its website: “Following discussions with coach Shin Tae-yong and the Technical Director of the Indonesia Football Association – Indra Sjafri – we have reached an agreement to allow Saddil Ramdani to return to the Indonesia U23 team. However, Saddil Ramdani has to return to Sabah on May 10 to prepare for two important games against Kelantan United (May 13) and Penang-Sabah (May 17).

The Southeast Asian team played a fun game, Indonesia's X-Factor faced the death penalty at the SEA Games - Photo 1.

Saddil Ramdani faces many difficulties entering the army with Indonesia U23

Given the above situation, Saddil Ramdani can only take part in the game against U23 Vietnam on May 6th. After that, he had to go back to Malaysia to serve the Sabah Club. Born in 1999, the player can only play for Indonesia U23 if that side progress through the group stage.

Previously, Sabah had no intention of releasing Saddil Ramdani. However, the Indonesian Football Association tried to reach an agreement. They even called on the Malaysian Football Association to intervene.

Saddil Ramdani plays a very important role in the Indonesia U23 squad. This winger’s strength is the ability to dribble extremely fast with a good physical foundation.

Saddil Ramdani isn’t the only instance where the Indonesia U23s have had a hard time. Previously, the star currently playing football in Japan – Pratama Arhan – was not allowed to return to U23 Indonesia. hmmm

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