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The mysterious story of a man from a country that doesn’t exist

Man from Taured (Man from Taured), sometimes also called The Secret of Taured or The man has no nationality, is the mysterious story of a man who arrives at a Japanese airport from an unknown country called Taured. This country has no name on the world map.

Many people have confirmed the truth of the story, but the crux of the matter is Taured. There is no country named Taured either today or at the time of the incident i.e. 1950s.


The story ends with the man disappearing forever, leaving no trace, a day after arriving in Japan. Also, all of his personal documents such as passport and driver’s license mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, this strange story is still a big question mark with no satisfactory answer to this day…

The strange passport

It happened at a very specific point in time, on a hot, sunny day in July 1954. Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, was still busy with both inbound and outbound passengers. But among the thousands of visitors there is one person who is extremely strange.

He is described as a gentleman with fair skin and a beard. He was wearing a smart suit and looked like he was on a business trip to Japan. Those present said he spoke French, some Japanese and several other languages. In his wallet there was money from different European countries.

Image on immigration papers at Haneda Airport in the 1950s.

Nothing is said until he shows his passport to the immigration officer to be stamped. Customs officials asked him where he was from and the answer was “Taured”.

The strange thing is that in the passport there are stamps of many countries he has been to, including Japan. When he called the company he said would be having a meeting they said he had never heard of this Mr Taured or his company. The hotel he booked didn’t have that person’s name on it, not even the bank.

Where do you come from?

The answer surprised the security personnel at the Japanese airport. Because none of them had ever heard of the name of this country. They claim that there is no land named Taured in the world.

On the passenger side, the man insisted that Taured really existed. It is a country between France and Spain that has existed for 1,000 years.

When both sides could no longer argue, a world map was presented. Pointing to the territory occupied by the Principality of Andorra, the man was puzzled as to why his country was called Andorra on the map. At this point, both sides still refused to back down. The police then decided to arrest this man for investigation purposes as he suspected signs of involvement in a crime. They took him to a hotel near the airport.

Disappear into nothing!

When the man was arrested in the hotel room, the police sent two people to carefully guard the door to ensure the man did not escape during the night.

The next morning, to their surprise, they opened the door when the man disappeared without a trace. The person’s ID papers also mysteriously disappeared from the airport security room. Although police and customs searched in vain, this man disappeared without a trace. It was as if the whole meeting the day before had never happened.

To this day, the story of a mysterious man who came from a place that didn’t exist and disappeared without a trace is only word of mouth among that year’s inmates.

There are no documents confirming this story. However, it is mentioned in several books such as The Directory of Possibilities (1981, p. 86) and Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People (1999, p. 64).

Previously, stories about gentlemen from many foreign countries around the world also appeared. In 1851 a gentleman was spotted wandering in Germany claiming to be from Laxaria, a country on the continent of Sakria. In 1905 another young man was spotted in Paris, France, who said he lived in Lizbia, a country of which no one knows where.

Whether Taured is a real land or not remains a mystery. Mr. Taured’s story is similar. However, this is still considered one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

Travel through time or space? Or just an exaggeration?

One of the most notable explanations for this is that the man from Taured accidentally traveled through a parallel dimension and eventually arrived at Haneda Airport.

Based on this explanation, it has been proposed that there is a parallel Earth similar to our own. The place we know as Andorra is over there, it’s called Taured. Another theory is that the man is a time traveler from the future.

Such an incident is also believed to have actually happened, but it is perhaps much less sensational. This story could have been woven a little more each time it was told, and it eventually grew into the great mystery it is today. Or in the end, this story is just a legend, just a creation of someone’s imagination…

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