The “eat well and wear long” solution for post-Covid-19 Vietnamese startups

Post-Franchising Model: A

In Vietnam, data from startup support departments shows that about 80% of startups have not existed for more than two years. Remarkably, only 3% of startups actually achieve success. Survival problem in business world is already hard, during COVID-19 time startup is even harder. ¾ Start-ups have to pause in most countries and have no opportunity to raise investment capital in the short term.

To become a few names to hold their own in the market during the Covid-19 era, many investors have turned to big brands to collaborate. With the post office franchise model, for example, start-ups can use the existing advantages to found a company from the early phase to a stable and sustainable development.

Start-ups in the “start-up” phase only have to follow the methodically laid out path of the parent company instead of finding their own way. With J&T Express, the franchisee will inherit the prestige of the world’s second largest unicorn in the shipping industry, according to a report on the list of the largest unicorn companies published in late December 2021. best in the world by CB Insights. In particular, investors also receive existing customer files and 24/7 support from J&T Express. By taking advantage of a respected and influential brand in the express shipping market, the franchisor can also save costs on marketing and communication activities. This helps reduce unnamed costs, limit risk and increase success for investors in the most vulnerable early stages.

Post-Franchising Model: A

The post office franchising model continues to prove its effectiveness in terms of profit potential and rapid return on capital as start-ups enter the stable operational phase. Many start-up owners like Mr. Do Trung Tuan – Owner of J&T Express Post Office in My Duc District – TP. Hanoi has seen a return on investment after only 8-9 months of operation. Similarly, Do Ngoc Minh – J&T Express Post Office Owner in Tay Ninh Province expects that if he maintains the sales level of the first 2 months of the franchising business continuously for 6 months, he will have a chance to recover the initial capital. With the rapid development of online business and increasing demand for freight forwarders, the J&T Express franchise model is expected to continue to thrive and sustain growth in most parts of the world. all 63 provinces.

Explaining the above success, a J&T Express representative said that the entity’s 5-service ecosystem is “tailored” to each individual need and helps maximize customer files in the market. . Generally, J&T Express has launched the J&T shipping service to help farmers find production for agricultural products during the epidemic and to meet people’s food needs during the quarantine period. Fresh is dedicated to farm products and fresh produce.

Post-Franchising Model: A

Meanwhile, sellers looking to export can choose J&T International service coverage in more than 200 countries and territories. Recently, J&T Express expanded its network into the Middle East, starting with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In the domestic market, in addition to the standard and express delivery services, J&T Express also introduced the J&T Super – Express service.

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