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Students of Hanoi High School for the Gifted

One of Vietnam’s famous technical schools cannot ignore the name Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for gifted students. The school has a very high entry score and also impresses with its interesting extracurricular activities.

The Amsers always have a very high dancing spirit and a rare creativity at student council evenings. Talent Day is one of the programs that leaves a great impression on the minds of Ams students.

This is an annual program organized by the students themselves. The event will span a multi-month series of activities culminating in the final night where the elite will compete for the title of Most Wanted Class and the title of Ambassador of Amsterdam.

The most anticipated after-school activities of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for Gifted Students are back

After 2 years affected by the epidemic, the most recent event Talent Day was also reorganized.

Talent Day The year 2022 has the motto Euthalia – Diep Sac. The meaningful theme is that Ams students push themselves to find the best self and burn out with youth.

On April 29th the sports day took place (the last pre-event in the program). As the name suggests, 13 specialized blocks will draw in Amsterdam to share the sports table. The winning block gets extra points in the final night Talent Day.

13 specialized blocks are drawn to share 3 tables (two tables contain 4 specialized blocks, one table contains 5 specialized blocks). Play to the final round, 2 specialized blocks compete in a final round to find the champion block.

Amser are not only handsome and beautiful, but also have great creative talent

To earn even more points on the final night of British Talent Day, the students compete in 7 matches against big names including: JenZ Towers; Ballin’ Rollin’; uF0; rush puzzle; Red light, green light; NHATiles.

Hanoi - Amsterdam specialization earns the title of Best High School in Vietnam, only 1 extracurricular event but also this top!  - Photo 4.

13 specialized blocks with 13 different shirt colors

The organizer said: “On Sports Day, there are 5 games in each round to find the strongest block. Usually the natural majors win because there are more boys, there are many advantages on that day of competition. “.

It’s true that Amsterdam students are always “burned” with activities. Although the weather continued to rain that afternoon and then stopped, the students still stayed in the yard to continue playing the program.

Hanoi - Amsterdam specialization earns the title of Best High School in Vietnam, only 1 extracurricular event but also this top!  - Photo 5.

Despite the rain, the Amsterdam students danced and played enthusiastically

Some other pictures from today’s festival taking place at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted

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