Starting next year, it’s set to receive a “rain” of cash dividends equal to 30% of annual after-tax profits

In the plan approved by the AGM, VPBank will increase its initial capital to over VND79 trillion, an increase of 76% compared to 2021. The capital increase plan will be implemented through ESOP share issuance and share distribution. Dividends in shares from undistributed earnings and private placement to foreign investors.

Last year, this bank increased its initial capital to VND 45,000 billion from more than VND 25,000 billion. Thus, in 2022, VPBank will intensify its seed capital raising activities for the second year in a row and, following the successful implementation of the capital increase, will become the bank with the largest seed capital in the system.

In 2021, Vpbank’s total remaining undistributed profit is VND21,258 billion after setting aside reserve funds to supplement the initial capital, financial reserve fund and recognition of the net profit from the transfer of subsidiaries in 2021.

The AGM approved the plan to retain the remaining profit of VND21,258 billion to retain capital for the bank’s operations.

In 2022, VPBank aims to increase total assets to over VND697,000 billion and pre-tax profit to exceed VND29,662 billion, up 27% and 107% from 2021, respectively. In the first quarter, the bank reported a profit. The consolidated pre-tax value reached over Dong 11,146 billion, nearly three times the same period last year and the highest ever.

At the end of the meeting, the CEO of VPBank “brought” good news to VPB shareholders. Specifically, Mr. Dung said, “With the capital base achieved by the end of this year, not only is it sufficient to ensure the high growth as planned over the next 5 years, but the Board expects to submit The General Shareholders’ Meeting paying cash dividends starting next year.” up to 30% of the annual profit after tax”.

With an expected pre-tax profit in 2022 of VND29,662 billion, assuming that Vpbank’s after-tax profit in 2022 is VND23,729 billion, 30% of the after-tax profit will be used to pay dividends of VND7,118 billion. .

The number of shares after VPBank issued shares in 2022 to increase equity as expected by the bank is 6,743,429,680 shares.

Thus, it is calculated that each share will receive a cash dividend of more than VND 10,000 if this plan is approved by the general meeting of shareholders. thue-hang-nam-20220429211216415.chn


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