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Sorry because time is up, statement is stoned

Truong Ve Kien brought audiences into an uproar when he openly criticized the current fairy tale series: “Back then we played the role of a fairy, all blue, red, red and blue costumes were worn, but the current elves were all dressed in white. Our teacher then was just a teacher, but the teacher now is a lover.”

Xianxia is a Chinese fantasy film genre based on the Taoist spiritual system and influenced by Buddhism, martial arts, medicine, and other traditional Chinese elements.

Many viewers agree with Truong Ve Kien’s opinion and think that modern fairy tale films are liked Heavenly Flower kind Lady Hoc Chau were used to the point of exhaustion. Later projects seem to lack creativity and follow a single theme.

Truong Ve Kien has a controversial comment on the current fairy tale series (Photo: Sina).

The actor also shared that the films of earlier eras had more literary names, while the modern films used names that were too trivial. Truong Ve Kien’s remarks have sparked controversy on Chinese social media.

There are opinions that Truong Ve Kien’s comments are not objective because the current fairy tale films still have a stable viewership and are always among the top TV projects with impressive ratings in China. .

The use of famous stars to large audiences is one of the reasons current fairy tales are so appealing. Scenes and effects in modern films are also rated more beautifully and imaginatively.

As of 2021, Truong Ve Kien suddenly reappeared after stopping filming for many years. His return to reality TV shows has been controversial. There is an opinion that the actor intentionally “begged for the past” and expired…

Truong Ve Kien admitted to being sad that not many viewers recognized him (Photo: Link).

Hong Kong’s once-loved star is heartbroken because not many people recognize him anymore

Truong Ve Kien, born in 1965, is a Chinese-speaking male star with an Asian influence. He was once considered an opponent of the “comedy king” Chau Tinh Tri because both have a unique knack for comedy. Famous films of the actor can be mentioned Loc Dinh Ky, disciple of Hoang Phi Hong, son of the bankrupt, Journey to the West (TVB version), Truong Tam Phong, Nhu Y Cat Tuong…

At the age of 56, Truong Ve Kien admitted his career gradually declined. However, he did not cling to the aura, but accepted a simple life with his wife and children. In 2021, he attended a TVB (Hong Kong) talk show and revealed his life behind the screen.

“When I go out on the street, I don’t wear a mask, but nobody recognizes me. Sometimes people ask me if I’m an artist because I seem so familiar. Apparently they don’t even remember my name. Even Trung Quoc, the number of people who recognize me now can only be counted on the fingers,” admitted the once-popular actor.

Truong Ve Kien is famous for his role as Vi Tieu Bao in Luc Dinh Ky (Photo: Sohu).

According to Truong Ve Kien, he currently has a free and free life, does not strive for money and fame. The actor is aware his name has peaked, so he doesn’t mind. He’s content that sometimes he can’t help but regret being forgotten by audiences.

Truong Ve Kien shared that he voluntarily differentiated himself from the competition in showbiz. However, some people believe that Truong Ve Kien’s agreeing to participate in entertainment shows proves that his career goes back so far that he needs to follow the game show trend to warm up his name.

Speaking about it, he explained: “I come for myself, for the sake of the art. I don’t have much ambition to win. So performing on stage can be seen as a walk, no pressure, no competition with other performers. No matter how big or small the stage, as long as I’m on stage, I’ll do my best.”

Laughed at for a long time, “Vi Tieu Bao” Truong Ve Kien confessed: “After many ups and downs, I found a way to reconcile myself with life. No matter what happens, I’m always ready to face them and continue to accept them in my own way. Therefore, for me, glory lies not only in the successful works, but also in the failures. However, these products are created by me with all my heart.” .

Truong Ve Kien used to be a famous Hong Kong artist with a witty and eclectic acting style (Photo: Sina).

In conversation with QQOn the reason he hasn’t received any films in the last 6 years, he said: “When filming a film, it’s very difficult for an artist to completely let go of the role. I’m having dinner with my family, but my mind is still on the lines and parts. Not to mention that each shoot takes 4-5 months. It takes effort to maintain such a high work intensity every day for decades. I realize I’m missing a lot. good things in life if you stay on set so i want to slow down.

No intention to give up art and admirable love story

In an interview with the media, Truong Ve Kien also reiterated that he has no intention of retiring, although he is being mocked for now because his love of acting is something that lasts forever. “I want to devote myself more to art. As long as someone says they want to see Truong Ve Kien perform, I won’t hesitate to sing and perform to make them enjoy it,” he said.

Truong Ve Kien is not picky about the program and is always happy to accept invitations. Instead of traveling by car, amateurs Journey to the West choose public transport such as bus, subway… All large and small working hours are planned and managed by him without helpers.

In 2021 he was recognized for his participation in the show Shine! Super Brothers 2” (Photo: Sohu).

For many years, Truong Ve Kien has been happily married to his wife – actress Truong Tay. Your love is praised as beautifully as the language of love in everyday life. After almost 12 years of marriage, the couple is considered a model couple in the Chinese entertainment industry.

They have a sweet married life despite having no children together. After two painful miscarriages, Truong Tay was unable to bear children and Truong Ve Kien sympathized with his wife. He did not put pressure on the childbirth and wholeheartedly loved and spoiled his wife. The couple agreed to live together without children until old age.

He once confided: “I feel that the cause of children is a gift from God. When God loves us, we are touched. God doesn’t love us, we accept”. The actor chooses to compensate his wife with love and caring and caring every day.

Truong Ve Kien and his wife Truong Tay (Photo: Sina).

The actor let his wife name 3 out of 6 blocks of real estate in his tens of millions of dollars. During the Tet holidays, or vacations, he spends time taking his wife on trips and holding her hand as the two walk the streets together. There is even information that Truong Ve Kien does not act in films because he wants to spend time with his wife.

In 2021, Truong Tay and Truong Ve Kien had to live apart for almost a year because the famous actor stayed in Hong Kong to take care of his biological mother while his wife stayed in Beijing with her family to facilitate work. In late 2021, he happily posted a photo of his reunion with his wife after a long separation.

Corresponding sinaDespite his fame, Truong Ve Kien still has a prosperous life. He amassed a large fortune thanks to previous films combined with business investments.

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